Should Immigrants in the United States Illegally Who Are Parents of US Citizen Minors Be Deported?

  • Yes, it's not fair.

    Many people come into this country legally. They have to pay lots of money to stay. Should illegal immigrants and their 'anchor babies' get a free pass? If immigrants come in illegally and have children, they have to pay much less for education and such. It's encouraging people to come here illegally and discouraging people to come in legally. Would you want people who are more likely to follow the law or people who aren't? Instead of letting more illegal immigrants come in and create less jobs, and less opportunity, we should lower the education fee for legal immigrants slightly as to discourage illegal immigrants.

  • Yes, the law needs to be enforced.

    Yes, immigrants in the US who are parents of US citizen minors should be deported, otherwise, a child is immediately an anchor baby the day they are born. With that scheme, anyone can have de facto American citizenship simply by crossing the border and having a child. That creates an incentive that will draw more illegal immigrants.

  • Mother of Illegal immigrants daughter

    No . They shouldn't because a child's parent should not be taken away from them. It can emotionally and mentally destroy a individual. Immigrants with u.Z citizen minors should have a right to fight and stay . Especially ones who were brought to U.S as minors themselves.. It should be equal opportunity

  • Illegal Immigrants should be grandfathered into citizenship, not thrown out.

    This is a testy topic to talk about but I believe that we need to tighten our borders AND create a path to citizenship for the illegal immigrants that are already in the country. Many of these illegal immigrants, including the ones with minors for children, contribute to the economy with their purchases and even take on important jobs. Rather than kicking everyone out, we should look towards providing a path to citizenship for them. America was created by immigrants.

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