Should immigrants to the USA be forced to learn English?

  • English America's official language

    Our forefathers crossed the ocean from many different countries and to learn English was a requirement to become a citizen. Now, we the citizens have to learn Mexican (Not Spanish due to it being a slang version from Spain). I support culture and the communities such as East LA and China Town. You go in the area, you know what to expect or you would not go there. Anyways, despite the official language of this our country, one should not expect to see foreign language commercials on English speaking channels. If the immigrants do not understand us, why would they watch our programming? Why are they not tested like our forefathers and just handed a green card cause they will work cheaper. Even here in Texas and states like Arizona, they are the only race granted $300 cash advantage on Food stamps. Which they can do as they like e.G. Take back to support Mexico's economy or save up and spend thousands saved at Walmart to buy gifts not covered by food stamps. Why aren't the Asians, African Americans or the Whites allowed such a privileged? We are catering too much to one majority (as recent polls show they "Mexicans" outnumber the rest of the population. It is a political thing that allows them not to learn or comprehend the AMERICAN NATIONAL LANGUAGE! It puts hard working Americans out of jobs, but in doing so... Those in office will get the votes for being a Mexican Sympathizer. No it is not fair for us to learn a language of those invading and eventually taking over the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. A corporate entity in itself! Make them learn as our forefathers did. They had to disavow all alliance to the principalities and ruler ship of the countries which they hailed from. Ultimately, to speak our language, not the country they ran from for a better life. Society is changing and not for the better. Let them live here if they are honest and hard working, but speak the language.

  • I believe that a lot of immigrants forget that to move to another country is a privilege, not a given right.

    I am an American that does not plan on leaving my country. I just so happened to stumble upon this site like I'm guessing many of you did. And it does not bother me to the extent that I get angry or trash talk immigrants because of the fact that many of them do not learn English. However, I am not saying that it does not frustrate me that this topic is even remotely being questioned. There is no excuse for someone who can not learn the language of the country they are travelling to. I would expect the same as a tourist. I would not visit a country if I did not know the essentials to survive. I believe that this point should be addressed more profoundly. If it is not, then I also feel that if someone is willing to leave a country to go to one they are not familiar with that they should not depend on others to help them survive. Their is a fine line between nurturing and self-pity. One should not be willing to risk their lives while not being prepared and not expect the consequences.

  • What kind of country would it be if they didn't.

    Immigrants are the lowest of the low and they should be forced to learn English and also stop talking their own language thinking they are part of something. I hear loads of then saying things like "you want do it" or "how you do that" and it drives me crazy! Americans are also getting a habit from talking to them.

  • Speak no Spanish! Get no job's!.

    It has come to the point in the US in the southwest in particular, that if you don't speak a foreign language "mainly Spanish", you are much less likely to get hired in many job's these day's. I find this absolutely ridicules that in my own country of birth that I will be looked over for a potential job offer solely on the ground that I do not speak a language that is not the national language that I grew up on.

  • Yes, they should speak English

    They should learn English. They're coming into our land. It angers me when I see a "Now Hiring" poster, come to find out they're looking to hire someone who's bilingual. It's happening more and more. If something isn't done, we, the people already speaking English, are going to be the ones having to learn their language.

  • Of course they should!

    Plain and simple. I moved from Russia at a young age, both my parents learned the language prior to coming here. Why? Because we agreed that this country was better and we at least owe the courtesy to learn the language.

    If you don't (or better yet try and pick up some of the culture), you're making everyone learn your ways and your language which is not fair.

  • English is a standard language in many countries outside US so Especially should be standard in US

    Society cannot function if people cannot communicate on the same level or language. I am active-duty Army stationed in Germany And just buying a loaf of bread can be challenging when they do not speak English! Each time the sentence for me it creates a serious level of frustration I often wonder why the person doesn't speak English then I realize I should speak German as I am in Germany and the same goes for Foreigners in United States We speak English there

  • Immigrants coming into the USA should be forced to learn English, because this is the national language here, and it is not our responsibility to learn their language.

    If an immigrant moves to another country, then it is their responsibility to learn the language of that country. So, if someone chooses to immigrate here, they should learn English. It is their choice to move here, so they should be required to do whatever it takes to fit in and be an American.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • It is important to adapt.

    If you are going to their country I'm pretty sure you won't survive by speaking your native language; you would have to adapt and learn theirs, so why can they not do the same to the country they are immigrating to. It should be mandatory for both sides to learn.

  • Not 'force', but "serve America by speaking English"

    The government cannot do everything; we must do our part! English is the national language, we are NOT eliminating Hispanic culture. We should be able to speak the same to understand each other. English cannot end a dead language like Latin. We are one and we should always be one.

  • You fat McDonald eating Americans are the real immigrants

    Before you "Americans" came the people here were the Native Americans. You guys came and stole the land from them so youre the IMMIGRANTS! The "immigrants" are the ones who work for this country while you Americans sit on your couch and eat McDonalds. You guys sit outside with signs and ask for money while the immigrants are working very hard to help this country. So if I see any of you Americans, you will be saying to me "Hello sir, welcome to McDonald's. How may I help you?" Get off the couch and get a job like us "Immigrants."

  • Immigrants shouldn't be forced to learn english.

    It just isn't right to force people to speak a certain language, after all, we're not even Americans, just Europeans who settled here and then fought a war so we wouldn't have to pay taxes. And what about the hundreds of languages that were spoken by the natives of this country? I mean, they surely didn't speak English. As well, isn't freedom of speech and language one of the things that the founding fathers wanted to base this fine country on?

  • The Land Of The Free

    Is the US not "The Land Of The Free"? Do we not have "Liberty and Justice For All"? If we are truly a free nation, than we cannot enforce anything beyond taxes, laws, etc. Why infringe on their rights by FORCING them to learn a language they may not want to learn?

  • No Official Language

    The United States Government has not declared an official language, it is likely it will never do so.

    "Forcing" one to learn something goes against American values. America is already known for its hypocrisy, there's no reason to make it worse. Forcing one to learn English is merely another way to limit minority immigration as they make up the majority of the immigrant population today (Dept. Of Homeland Security, 2012 report). Minority in this case stands for both ethnically and people from non-English speaking countries. Stop letting history repeat itself, we do not need anymore accusations of xenophobia to stain this country's image.

    If we are to force immigrants to learn English, it's only fair if we force every non-English speaking citizen to learn it as well. How exactly does this stand by American values?

    Inconvenience, restricted opportunities, and social pressure should be sufficient motivating forces for non-English speaking immigrants to learn the language. Of course, the only exception would be the ones who choose to live and interact with their own kind. They have the right to do as they wish; the country is not going to crumble because of this.

    Be aware that not knowing English has no proven, direct correlation to lower productivity or higher dependency on welfare. Do make sure your source is credible and the report comprehensive if you claim otherwise. These people still have to find ways to make a living like any other person. Not knowing English does not make one less intelligent.

    Finally, America is made of a very large and diverse population relative to other countries. It would very difficult if not impossible to enforce this proposal.

  • The USA is about freedom.

    Immigrants shouldn't be forced to speak English because some of them could forget their native language. Plus in the USA there's no official language. The USA is all about freedom, so why shouldn't they let immigrants be? Yes immigrants should learn how to speak English for job interviews so they can be bilingual. Some of them came to the United States for a better life, but some of them went there to get away from all the dangerous things. They want to give their kids a better life, but they could do that without knowing English. It's easier for kids to learn English because they're young, but for adults it takes time. Some of them don't have free time for English classes. Some high schools have classes of Spanish. Not only immigrants should learn how to speak English but so should Americans!

  • No Its Not Fair

    People shouldn't have to learn English because some people don't have the time. Some people can speak. I don't see why they should because they may not have access to schools. Some people don't have money for lessons. They have the same rights as us. There is no Part in the constitution that says immigrants have to learn English.

  • No thank you

    The word force is so hostile. I agree that it should be encouraged, but certainly not forced. Forcing someone to do anything except pay taxes, etc. Infringes upon their constitutional rights. As it states in article one of the constitution you are allowed the freedom of speech! I hope you open your eyes and see how ridiculous it would be if you moved to a country and you were 50-60 years old and were FORCED to learn a language other than the one you have been speaking your whole life.
    To wrap it all up, I just cannot stress how much to word force changes the whole situation.

  • Immigrants can make the choice whether or not to learn English.

    I came here when I was 8. I only spoke Spanish and mostly got beaten up at school for not having proper English. Now I'm going to a great school and have great grades. Was I forced to speak English? No, but it was something I had to do in order to have a successful future. Other immigrants can also make that choice. They don't have to be forced to learn it.

  • Some immigrants have no time for classes when their children can help as translators.

    Just because someone from a different country lives in America doesn't mean they have to go through the trouble to learn English when some Americans are illiterate. The language barrier isn't much of an obstacle, their younger children can go to school and become translators for them. Immigrants have the right to choose if they want to learn the language. For some, learning the language would take more trouble than just relying on their friends and children

  • English is not the official language of the USA, and it therefore should not be treated as such.

    The United States has no official language. While it would be most convenient for everyone if immigrants did learn English, the immigration process is already extremely difficult and lengthy to get through. Requiring people to learn another language would only add more difficulty to the process. Instead, our immigration system should offer free programs for immigrants to give them an introduction to the language.

    Posted by: 54ndDavi

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Anonymous says2013-05-07T02:43:49.837
If you migrate the THEIR country and DONT speak their awful and grunt-click like language, they may kill you.
If you ask them to speak English in an English speaking country, they may kill you for your audacity.
What to do? Shut the doors to your country on them!

But that won't happen because we as citizens don't run the countries. Politicians do.
That all folks.Get used to it.
Oops!I forgot! Google runs the government.
pattie2208 says2015-10-02T23:41:58.343
Yes they should learn english. They need to learn english. They need to close of all ports and borders. So they don't get in illegally. Etheir they learn english or get out.