• Yes, they are people too

    There is so much discrimination against people of different religion and races. When immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador, and other central american countries come to the U.S , they seek help from us. Why not help and support them?! They are just looking to start a better life. There is nothing wrong with that. Also, the immigration system is already to messed up. Why mess it up even more? The number of immigrants from Mexico is declining, but the number from Guatemala, El Salvador, etc. is increasing. The U.S. needs to help all of these people get back onto their feet. Now, there are candidates who are running for president of the United States who want to send all of the illegal immigrants back to the country they came from. They are people too. It makes a little sense for the illegal immigrants, but it does not make sense to do it to the legal immigrants. They are all PEOPLE!!!

  • Yes, it is what the country is built on.

    Yes, immigration should be allowed in the United States, because immigration is what the country was built on. The United States is a nation of ideals, and one of those ideals is that anyone should be able to come, start a new life, and try to make a lot of money and support their family. There should be rules, but immigration is a good thing.

  • Our Nation Founded on Immigration and Diversity

    The United States was founded on immigration and has been a land of hopes and dreams that are more likely to succeed than anywhere else on earth. Sure, our immigration system is flawed, but that does not mean that we should outlaw immigration altogether, it is needed that we have a better system that works smoothly and works to promote some degree of nationalism.

  • Yes, everyone should have the freedom to immigrate to a different country.

    Personally I believe that we should have the right to move to a different country. As long as the country has immigration limits that are not too high for the country to sustain a good life for their citizens. Otherwise the country with too high of a limit will suffer and the standards of living will drop. Everyone is a immigrant if you look far enough into the past.

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