• Yes!!! People really need to think before they speak

    Most immigrants do pay taxes, since they work under a fake social security number that automatically takes it. Most of the jobs taken by immigrants are the harsh one's no one wants to do plus they pay really low, like crop picking, and dangerous construction sites, etc. America isn't overpopulated. There are plenty of places where there is a small population size. Immigrants are humans too, they deserve a chance to be legal. Because unless you are of full native American descendence our ancestors at one point were immigrants too. Saying you were ever an immigrant is hypocrisy!

  • Immigrants Have Dreams Too

    Immigration Laws are separating families as well as taking away immigrants "American dream." Who's going to do the labor work immigrants are doing today. This was their land that was taken from them. Why shouldn't they be allowed back in their HOMELAND!? Everyone Deserves to have freedom especially in your own land.

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  • This is wrong

    I don't thing that they should be able to come over here illegally . Because for one they take all are jobs and they bring a lot of poverty in America why should I go with out a job because you are willing to do it for less money under the table?

  • Why shouldn't educated people at least!

    Kids and educated adults should be aloud to come into the country for our support and our people. We need people who are educated in technology and in health and science. Doctors are needed her in the u.S, we could use all the help we can get to find the way to treat diseases such as stds and cancer. So yes we should allow immigration but to a certain ex tense

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    When we really think about it, would some of us be here today. Some of us are products of illegal and legal immigrants. Also these people are coming over here for a reason not just to take all of our opportunities. They are here because they needed a better life to live and being where they were they couldn't do that.

  • Of course yes!

    Immigrants were the reason we are currently in the U.S. today! Without the immigrants we would be lost. And instead we treat them like a disease! Come on people! I say immigrants should come freely and proudly, regardless of their past life or origins. Come on everyone, lets make the world a better place and be nice to immigrants!

  • Immigration should be legalized

    This nation was founded by immigrants. Racist people say that immigrants don't belong here. It's funny because i bet that their great, great grandparents are from a different part of the world. Unless they are Native Americans, they are really American!! The other part that people need to know is that immigrants come here for a better opportunity. I bet If the people that are against legalizing immigration were in the immigrants position, then they would want to migrate to the united states as well.

  • Yes, immigration should be legal.

    Immigration should be legalized because the immigrants should have the opportunity to make a change in their life. Evidently they migrated to the United states because it is a land full of opportunity. If America is a free country then it should let the immigrants in the country live freely.

  • Immigration Helps America

    Immigration is helpful to America. They do the jobs were to lazy to do and they have families to support just like us. They are people too, there just not lucky enough to have all the things that we take for granite. They should have the same privileges to be in this country that we do. Because if you don't like immigrants. The first settlers were Immigrants. We were formed by immigrants. They make America great , they help RUN America.

  • I say yes

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  • Immigration is bad for the country

    There is so many people in the United States. A lot of people in this country are homeless and there are some there are some that has a home to live in but doesn't have a job. Also there are a lot of diseases in some places such as Africa, India, and many more. People who live in the United States would get sick or even worse.....Death.

  • No just hell no

    10-25 % of immagrants come in with diseases. Of arrest over 20% are from immagrants that have rapes others. 30% comes from illigals that are dealing drugs. Not to mention immagrants take jons from hard working american citizens making the underemployment rate 3x as high as the unemployment rate. So no we need to close the borders off from immagrants.

  • Build a wall!

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  • I'm in School

    Honestly I have no opinion whatsoever, i am in school researching a paper on an issue that could cause a war in our country. I don't care about the "issue". Personally, I am only voting no because Donald Trump does not support that immigrants be allowed to enter our Country, BUILD A WALL

  • I assume you mean

    Should illegal immigrants be made legal, because we already have legal immigration, and have had it for a long time. If illegal immigrants wanted to be legal citizens, they should have applied and waited their turn. This is what they would have done, if citizenship was their real goal, and in doing so, would have demonstrated respect for our laws, our people, our country. But they chose not to, had no respect for these things, their goal being our welfare, healthcare, education systems, that they discovered could be taken advantage of without having to be a legal citizen. This does NOT deserve to be rewarded. They should be deported and permanently denied any chance of legal citizenship. This is what they earned. Those immigrants who did do it the right way, are the ones who demonstrated they are here to be one of us, and earned their citizenship.

  • They should not be here illegally

    In my opinion immigration should be allowed here if they want to go through the legal process to be here, they should not be here illegally. I have no problem with them wanting to make something in their lives and trying to better themselves, but do it legally. I get that they may not have the money or the time to wait, but depending how bad they truly want to be here then they can wait. People who have actually went through the whole process to be here may find it disrespectful to those who just simply can't wait to get here and come illegally, I know I would. I have nothing against immigrants who want to come here and work and do their part in America. It's the ones who come here and just take from our people thinking just because they are a minority they can do whatever they want. When people think of immigration they automatically assume it's the Hispanics, but it's anyone from a different country. Although right now our biggest problem are the Hispanics. Be here legally not illegally.

  • Immigrants should not be legal

    It is not fair for all of the people who were born in the United States to pay taxes for the illegal immigrants who are currently working jobs and who also don't have to pay taxes because they are not American Citizens. I know that getting your citizenship is hard and long but once you do it is worth it.

  • Immigration is harmful.

    I believe illegal immigration is disrespectful to other foreigners who went through all the paperwork to come here legally. It also is for the good of our citizens that immigration be regulated. We have too many people looking for work as is. If we made immigration legal. We would be flooded with people from worse off countries. That is not good. Illegal immigrants are generally a burden to our country and should be deported. However, they can move to the USA if they do so legally.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • They are not criminals

    They come here thinking that they can have a better life and what they find out is that they get discriminated and they treat them like animals just because they are not civilized. When they work somewhere people abuse from their knowledge just because they dont know how to read and they even get paid wrong.

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