• Immagration should be limited to skilled workers with no criminal background

    Americas resources are limited.I would welcome any immagrant that is a skilled worker who wishes to contribute to the society that they live in and improve their own lives this way both factions benefit.We dont want criminals who may fill the limited number of jail facilities they have.I am not American and understand that the vast majority of the Us are descendants of immagrants.

  • Yes thwy should.

    It is bad that is why trump is builiding a wall AMerica is ecpting to uch immiagrants we should bring them back to mexico, I am 7 and i think that That is why i think immigration is bad and needs to go. I am putting random words now because i need a certain ammount of words to post ok i am done thanks for reading i need to get back to class

  • They have the right!

    Immigrants have the right to come to the Untied States because we are the same we are all people and we are equal they come to have a better life and to help their people because Mexico is so poor they need money because the stupid president doesn't do anything to help the state recover and to get more jobs and home for the homeless people are just stupid that they don't know that immigrants just come to work and have a better life's they just cant except the fact that we are harder workers and that we deserve their jobs because they just always lazy people that don't value a nice paying job!

  • The United States Is To Nice

    I agree that It's nice to let foreigners start a new life in our country. However the US needs it's limits. Im not saying all but some immigrants who come here arrive illegally, cause trouble, create gangs, take jobs from people who lived here their whole lives, and overall use up resources. The US is already in dept and we cant keep letting people in under these circimstances. And im sure if we attempted to live in their countries they would send us back. So yes immagration should have limits ;strict ones.

  • Immigration is not okay

    I think there should be no immigration because there lazy people that dont have jobs or dont have to work for a living.Plus there so rude speaking spanish behind my back were have of the time there saying crap about us.Why cant they wait like the other people that has

  • Immigrates should not have limits.

    Okay so everyone says immigrates are going to take our jobs no that is incorrect because immigrates don't take jobs they fill in the jobs that lazy Americans wont take lots of Americans live off the state like they could go get a job but they don't so why cant immigrates have those jobs of course they should get a background check before being able to come but still i think they should have less limits

  • People who think we need to regulate the flow of people are against humanity. End the welfare state!

    The welfare state is not sustainable and is shortly coming down, regulating who you see fit as to enter your arbitrarily walled in region enforced with monopolies is ok?? Like wuh?

    People should be able to live where they want. You think that since people were born in a place they couldn't choose to be born in, couldn't choose to be born into their situation and you're telling me you want to prune and pick at the best and let those ones in.

  • Immigration Should Be Open For All

    No, immigration to the United States should not have limits. In fact, I believe that the days of Ellis Island should be here again, of open immigration, should be here again. The United States was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of immigrants. As such, we are a people of many and we should stay that way.

  • I dont like immagration they are cruel to people

    No i dont like immagration because por people they come to the u.S.A to see there famaly and next thing you now there in jail and there famaly love them and they need them there with them and then they being in jail is terrible the police are mean and they disgust me they should not make immagartion legal so the peole that come here to see there famaly should stay here with there loved ones so the famaly can be happy in there home not in jail were they can be killed and there famaly in the other side crying for them and living with a scar gor the rest of there life and there famaly is going to be sad for the rest of there life why put them in jail when you can let the be happy with there famaly in there home were they can be safe with there wife or husband and kids and there famaly the police and the goverment is cruel to this people

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