• More stricter immigration laws

    The immigrants get to come here for free and they don't get to pay taxes. There not afraid of getting deported they get free jobs and give there families jobs there friends jobs for FREE. So Donald Trump need s to become president to help this cause he will be way more strict then we are now with the immigration laws so that we get to live in a safer and better environment.

  • We need jobs

    The immigrants just come in and take our jobs because these jobs are for Americans. Because an immigrant cant come in and take our jobs that were made for Americans. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • American Earned Benefits

    Americans try hard everyday to earn enough money to support their families. Well it definitely isn't easy for everyone, and that's why we have benefits like food stamps and unemployment. But Illegal immigrants can just take those whenever they feel like it. It isn't fair for the homeless veteran or the mother of 3 children who only gets paid three dollars an hour.

  • John cena !

    John cena is from africa, so he is allowed? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Yes they should

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  • Donald Trump 2016

    Donald Trump is love. Donald Trump is life. We should not disobey Trump. We need to build a wall to separate Mexico from the United States of America. We can't have these people jumping the border every feggin day yo. Donald Trump is love, Donald Trump is life. Amen. Peace.
    (This is just for the Los)

  • Immigration should be stricter

    We should control who comes to our countries and how many. If you look at the United Kingdom's immigration laws, then you'll see that they have allowed hundreds of thousands of people into the country,not all willing to assimilate into British society. This has resulted in enclaves of people in major British cities who cannot speak English and don't work. It is a huge burden on the benefits system as well as British people.

  • Yes of course

    We won't have as much jobs in the future because it might be way to crowded. Also, since their might be a flood of people, the builders won't have any room to build the houses so the new immigrants will have to live in apartments which is very sad. Thanks! My opinion

  • Donald Trump is beautiful.

    If you do not support Donald Trump on his thoughts to build a wall between us and them. There is no question about it, we need this. So lets all join Donald Trump on his march of righteousness or else there will be hell toupee. Oh oh oh oh oh yea.

  • Many struggle already

    Y'all act like this is a big problem in America. They are also humans but with more needs and y'all are so stingy cause America has more advantages than Mexico but you don't see the struggle , you don't feel they're struggle so there's no great argument towards stricter laws in immigrations because obviously you don't even know how difficult it can be for an immigration. They have such a great impact in the economy , if we were to try and get rid of them , our economy will have great downfall. Who will you depend on now ? Cause most Americans are homeless yet immigrants make greater success and I guess y'all just cant stand that .

  • They work harder than any american

    Immigrants work much harder and pay taxes to most people just want to insult them and hurt them worse than you think these people have families to feed kids to take care of if they don't come here then we will never know hard work when we see it because no one that is american knows hard work like immigrants do so learn more before you think so. BTW i am not an immigrant i just believe they deserve better.

  • Immigration Laws shouldn't become more strict.

    It shows that if we would make the immigration laws even more strict than they are now, it could hurt the economy. For example: If we would have to deport immigrants back it would cost more money. And if we would fix the immigration laws then things would become more expensive for America. Like having your household redone or going out to eat with friends and family. So to me the immigration laws should not become any stricter.

  • Understanding the value in our history

    Now, based on what I have seen, it appears this debate has turned into a childish game of mashing keys and lacking sense. If we were to view this from a logical standpoint, how can we, as a society built by immigrants, deny other the right out ancestors were given? If we were to close immigration to a degree to "keep out criminals" or "Protect our jobs" then we would be falling into the same bigoted way of running things as many other communistic countries.

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  • I believe they should be more lenient

    Even though their method of immigration is illegal, there is one question that should be asked. That question is, ¨What are these immigrants trying to do?¨ And for that question, I have a very simple answer, they are only trying to better themselves just like you or me. Now, some may argue that they should just obtain citizenship legally, but there is a problem with that as for some, it may be extremely difficult or even impossible to do so.

  • They are just trying to escape for a better life

    They just are trying to escape for a better life and they are seeing people being killed in front of them and they are getting hurt and they might have nobody to talk to and they might starve and die in their own county and they are sad about their lives

  • Immigration is already strict

    For those saying we need a wall, we already have about 3/4 of one. This wall is a semi fence across the border. And how much would Donald's wall cost us. Too much. Immigrants are a huge part of the economy, you can also ask Donald who built trump towers. Illegal polish immigrants. I also agree that we were all immigrants at one time so unless you are 100% native americ you can't talk

  • I am part mexican

    People always say that they still jobs but i have to say you try to feed your family with only $25 a week and my family has a hard time getting jobs because they are mexican and i want to see you guys work in the flaming heat thats the kind of jobs they get

  • Cause they work hard to get here

    They try they best to work here and they bitch ass people of the white house be sending them back to their land and it sucks cause they leave there kids her most of the time and all they do is try to make there kids lives better while the government sending them away and making the kids life worst cause now theres only one parert working not 2

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