Should immigration laws change so that anybody is allowed to become a U.S. Citizen?

  • America was created for immigrants.

    There is no American language, no American culture. USA is the only nation that allows for cultures to be free. If a Spaniard comes here, he should be able to speak his own dialect, with his own people as well as others. A Mexican willing to work for two dollars, and will work harder than any natural born American, is more of a patriot than that other American.

    No one culture, or race defines the U.S. If your boss is Spanish, you should speak Spanish. Why should he be prejudiced against by others for that?

    The people who come from abroad and work, are in fact Americans. You do not need to be born here, to be one of us. You can be from Chengdu, leave, come here, and work as a cook, and guess what? You are an American, your culture is shared by many, and nobody has a right to say otherwise.

  • I don't agree with this statement simply because it gives less opportunity to the Americans that were born here.

    For example, I've read that some people have to learn Spanish just to keep there jobs here in America, that isn't fair. Immigrants should be the ones learning how to speak our language since they come into the U.S. That gives Americans greater job opportunities. What do you guys think ?

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