• Yes, I think immigration laws shoud reunite families divided by borders

    .As long as the immigrants in the United States are working and contributing members of society I see no problem with allowing their family members to be with them, someone's family is the most important thing to them and I think it's very unfair to let a border tear that apart.

  • Yes, Reunite them

    Under the best circumstances they can provide points of connection. But when it comes to immigration policies and enforcement, these bonds are rarely respected. Try and reunite with family in the US; when new families are formed in the US gives us a small glimpse into some of the families divided by border policies

  • No, families should be reuninted on a case-by-case basis

    One might think that certainly immigration laws should unite families divided by borders, but it depends why the families have been divided in the first place. If some members of the family have immigrated illegally, then it is not the responsibility of the laws to reunite them with the family they left behind in their original country. I think it's better for these situations to be resolved on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the individual circumstances involved, instead of enacting a law to cover all cases.

  • Shouldn't Have Left

    Not to sound heartless, but if immigrants wanted to stay with their families, they should of stayed in their own country. I am all for giving people who are here amnesty, but at some point we do need to stop letting people into this country. Three hundred million plus is enough people to keep the country running.

  • It creates incentive.

    No, immigration laws should not reunite families divided by borders, because children will be used as pawns in order to have a way in to a country. Children are already born in the United States on purpose, just so that they can have U.S. citizenship. Laws should encourage real relationships with family, not using family as a means to an end.

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