Should immigration reform include a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States?

Asked by: Jessie_Debate14
  • It's not like they're going to hunt down all of the 11 million illegal immigrants.

    It would not be logical for people to actually find all 11 million immigrants. Lots of immigrants have done important things here, like starting businesses, and they are the workers. And to find that 11 million would be way too much work and it would save time for us as well. I urge you to vote for PRO.

  • It's the only thing that makes sense.

    You're not gonna deport all those people. It makes perfect sense to simply allow them to stay and work hard after they've passed a background check. Of course, we don't want criminals, so if they're broken a major law, they shouldn't be here, but if they're clean, they should be allowed to follow the American dream.

  • Immigrants Boost Economy

    Immigrants work hard. Because of this hard work they boost our Economy. 18% of the United States small businesses are owned by immigrants. In 2007 4.7 people were employed by Immigrant owned company. These Immigrant companies have generated $776 billion. This boosts our economy. Immigrant workers boost our low economy.

  • Everyone has the Right to Become an American

    First of all immigration has helped America in the past. Just look at Obama. He was an immigrant and he is now the President. Even that Indian guy form the Big Bang Theory was obviously not born in America and now he is a big success. My final point is that is there are no immigrants, we will eventually run out of smart people and Chinese restaurants across the country.

  • This is obvious

    1. Nobody but the native Americans were here before this nation was created, Europeans and Africans had only been here in permanent settlements 168 years before 1776. We are all immigrants. It is hypocritical to deny the right to come here to people who are only 238 years late to the party, a time span not of extreme consequence in the context of history, especially due to the fact that immigration was (by today's standards) virtually unregulated and undocumented (open gate policy) throughout the majority of the 238 years of its existence.

    2. Historical support: history suggests the benefits of immigration outweigh the drawbacks. The 19th century was the period of the highest immigration rates in U.S. history (particularly the 1830's) and, now that the more pressing matters then associated with immigration, such as overcrowding and poor sanitation in cities, are now obsolete, the most prominent results of this time period left for comparison to present-day is the results: that in the following century America became the most industrialized, modernized, affluent nation on earth. What was already known to be the best and most free nation in the world became known as the indisputably most powerful.

    3. Economy: in case you haven't noticed, the recent influx of Hispanic immigrants to the United States, many of them improperly or not at all documented, generally work at low level jobs that do not require advanced/high-level schooling. But that's exactly the point! They are out there doing the manual labor that needs doing in our economy, while many of the unemployed population that were here before those immigrants feel entitled to some better position or government handouts. This was most evident in the economic recession following the collapse of the housing market in 2008. The point being, they have proved themselves eager and willing to support them in their families in humble ways if necessary and contribute to our economy at its base, its foundation. Admittedly, undocumented immigrants pose a problem to economies of areas in which there is a high concentration of them due to their ability to evade many taxes, but that is why state and federal governments need to quicken the process by which these people may gain citizenship and fulfill their dreams of being here legally.

    4. That's a lot of people to exclude from a path to citizenship. If all undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S. are denied their chance to be here legally and contribute more to America's interests in every aspect that is a population greater than many states, over 11,000,000. It is unrealistic to suggest that none of these people will ever be allowed citizenship and, if their illegal presence is discovered, follow the standard process of deportation.

    I have more to say but it's late and I have homework to do. Please contest any point in my argument.

  • It's a lose-lose situation.

    We should chose the lesser of two evils. We could deport them, and i'm all for it, but it would cost WAY too much, and too much time, too, locating all those immigrants. Better we just improve our border protection and then make the immigrants citizens, but with a test, of course. Think about all the new tax dollars we would get, all the money the government could use! We could send more troops to help with ISIS! Upgrade our military bases! All that and more! By doing this, it will ensure that no more illegal immigrants can get in, because of the increased border security, and also more tax dollars for the government.

  • Economy and loss of u.S debt

    Yes, there are about, eh, lets just say more illegal immigrants then there should be. And yes, America IS infact losing money due to illegal immigrants not having to pay taxes and such. But, if America made a pathway for these immigrants then imagine all the money we would collect, just from taxes alone. Also, 18 percent of small business are owned by immigrants, creating jobs for every 3.6 million U.S citizen. And, every foreign born student who graduates in mathematics, science, technology, engineering, creates an estimated 2.6 American jobs. Just let that sink in.

  • The American Dream

    America was founded by immigrants from the beginning. We are a melting pot, so why should we change from our roots and push out people that are willing to pay taxes and work hard to live out the American Dream? Everyone deserves a chance at a happy life that America can provide as opposed to some countries that opress their people.

  • Personal to me

    I'm not illegal but I know people who are and like it or not they come here to have better lives not for selfish reasons. And everyone just at least deserves the chance to have a chance at a better future. And plus having all of the illegal immigrants in our country become legal would actually benefit us because they too would pay taxes.

  • Immigrants mantain the economy

    If you think that the immigrants will decrease our economy, my friend, i have to say that you're wrong because the immigrants will increase paying the taxes they should pay, paying for their medicine, and paying the tickets they HAVE to pay, also.I'm half white-half mexican, and that give a little bit more good see of what's goin' on, the reform should give immigrants an EASY path to citizenship, just like somebady said a little bit up, with a background check.

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  • It will create a flood of illegal immigrants from everywhere who will try to get in before the law goes into effect.

    Say for example you are a foreigner who is waiting to receive citizenship to the US. Then Congress makes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the US. You would come to the US and fast as you can before the law goes into effect. So would everyone else in the same scenario. If the were passed a lot of people would try to find their way into the US.

  • No if they are here illegally they don't deserve concessions

    Any immigrant who is here illigally should not be given any rights or concessions. If you start making exceptions and paving a way to citizenship there is no deterant to not be here illegally. If we took a hard approach at illegal immigrants we would have a lot less. Immigration is great for this country just do it legally.

  • Setting a Bad Precedent

    Allowing undocumented immigrants to become a citizen sets a precedent of breaking the law by rewarding those who have broken the law with citizenship. First of all, I would like to ask: should a person who trespasses a house that warns "Do not trespass" be rewarded for going onto that property? In other words, should a trespasser be rewarded for his action? No, they should not. In fact, they should probably face any consequences that the owner of the property decides to give him. The same principle should be applied with illegal immigrants. The fact is, most illegal immigrants do this very thing: cross a line that says do not trespass. If you, judge accept this resolution, then you are accepting that we should accept 11 million criminals into our society. While they may not all be bad, they still have broken the law by coming to the United States itself. By allowing these citizens to come to the United States, we are telling future generations, or others who may come soon, that they can come, and even get citizenship, while breaking the law at the same time. We are saying that we will reward those who enter the system illegally, and that others should come into this country too! My opponent may say that border control will be enforced along with immigration reform, but there will always be a way around the border control, as seen in our current immigration system. If we allow citizenship for undocumented immigrants, we are setting a precedent of breaking the law by rewarding those who have committed a federal crime with citizenship.

  • Harms Outweigh Benefits

    First off, this would increase illegal immigration. If immigrants from other countries see that illegal immigrants in the US can get citizenship, then they are just going to come here illegally rather than wait for the long hard process of legal immigration.

    Second, we would be rewarding criminals. People living in the United States have to pay for there crimes, should illegal immigrants too? By giving undocumented immigrants citizenship we would be rewarding criminals. Like Thomas Paine wrote in his pamphlet Common Sense, "In America, LAW is king!" Not only are these criminals breaking the law by coming here illegally, but a lot of them are expanding on there crime! I suppose you would want to give citizenship to Marita Nelson, who came here illegally 20 years ago, and has been living off American taxpayers ever since, or the illegal immigrant who killed a nun in Virginia while drinking and driving, or Juan Galindo who raped and killed a one month old baby in New Mexico after already being deported once, or the young lady who has been in the country illegally 17 plus years who has also been living off of American taxpayers. Even the immigrants who don't expand on there crime, they are still breaking the law by coming here illegally, therefore, we would be rewarding criminals.

    And third, Economic Harm. Many would argue that it will boost our economy by granting undocumented citizens citizenship, however, I will prove this is completely false. According to CIS.Org, if illegally immigrants were granted citizenship and began to pay taxes and use services like households headed by legal immigrants with the same education level, the annual net fiscal deficit would increase from $2,700 per household, to $7,700, for a total net cost of $29 billion.

  • Immigrants are bad.

    The only times that immigration has ever been good were 1.) when the country was originally settled and 2.) when we lack the necessary athletes and we have to recruit for sports. The argument that the Chinese restaurants will die is obsolete because they usually aren't even run by Chinese people. Like my grandfather always said, "America will always be the top country, if only because we love everyone." He would continue to say "I hate immigrants, they ruin the American dream." We can not have Mexican drug lords rolling up in their low-riders and flashing their green cards at their Mexican buddies and saying, "Hey mayn, I'm going to heet up mai local drug deeeler. This America is a guud place, yeaa mayn." It doesn't work that way. If a Russian (Artem) shoots Her Majesty, he shouldn't be able to get away scotch-free in the US. As the Food Lion guy says, "That's just my two cents."

  • Enough is Enough!

    All the arguments in support of a pathway to citizenship are so outdated and over used. How long has the American public been told that there are "only" 11 million undocumented immigrants, if you read Ann Coulter's book, Adios America, you would discover that number to be closer to 30 million!!
    Let us go another 30 years with unchecked and unsupervised illegal immigration and the United States will "look" very different, it already does compared to when I grew up in the 70's and 80's.

  • Hurts our jobs

    In the United States the men and women without a high school diploma are in a wage dip from 0.4 - 7.4% according to a New York Times article. In the same article it goes on to say how they compete with our skilled laborers and sometime will take their jobs.

  • What about the immigrants who waited in line and did it the right way?

    Immigrants do support our economy and we have plenty of jobs they are willing to do in both skilled and unskilled labor that aren't getting done. But like it or not, illegal immigrants did break the law to get here, hence the term illegal. I can't blame them for doing that, some of them come from horrible situations and if I were in their shoes, I may do the same thing to help my family. That being said, breaking the law should eliminate any path to citizenship except for those who serve in the military , police or fire dept. We do need immigration reform to drastically reduce the years that it takes to come here legally and those already here should either become permanent residents or some other status to become legal. But a blanket path to citizenship is a slap in the face to those immigrants who endured the wait to come here legally. And don't give me the argument that everyone who came here before didn't do it legally. We now have laws and those laws need to be followed otherwise why have a border at all ?

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