Should immigration reform include a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.?

  • There Should Be a Path to Citizenship

    Yes, immigration reform should include a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the United States. Imagine that you were born in the United States and have attended public school for your entire life. At the age of 18, your parents tell you that they illegally crossed the border into the U.S. All you have known is the American culture. You only speak English, and you are ready to go to college. Should you be kicked out of the country for something you had no control over? I don't think so. There should be a pathway to citizenship and families should be kept together as much as possible.

  • Home is not where you're from but where your heart is at

    Illegal immigrants have a reason to do this and it's not just to benefit themselves, but their families. When you live in poverty all you dream about is having a better future and "the American dream" is what many people think will lead them to it... That's why they save their whole lives to get a "coyote" which are the people who help these immigrants cross the border. But the border it's dangerous, poisonous animals, harsh weather, corrupt police officers and border patrol agents (yes many of them are corrupt and get paid by the coyotes). And when it gets really hard or just because they don't want to continue coyotes leave these people on their own, most of them die. That's just for the men, when we talk about women we're also talking about rape, which also happens to many children. And the worst issue in my opinion, organ and human trafficking. Now, you might say"well, why don't they just apply for citizenship by the legal way?" Well, because many of these people don't have enough money to apply for it and even if you do it's not guaranteed that you'll obtain it. And even after you cross the border you still have to deal with poverty, not seeing your family for a long time (some never make it back to see their family), racism and many more. In conclusion, I think that an immigration reform should make it easier for people to obtain a work permit, clean the border patrol from those corrupt agents, give illegal immigrants more rights, and of course citizenship for illegal immigrants already living in the US. Which I do think should have strict requirements like a high school diploma or equivalent, not have committed any serious crime while in the US, have a job, pay taxes, speak English of course, I might even consider serving the military as a good requirement because it develops patriotism, being in the US for at least 8 years, etc. This are the thoughts of an American born citizen, raised in Mexico because his mom was banned from the US, her only crime was having a child (me) while being an immigrant, who came to the US when he was 12 years old and plans on joining the US military (Air Force or NAVY, just in case you wanted to know). I'm sorry for my grammar but English is my second language. Thank you.

  • Law breakers are not rewarded

    The United States is also a country that takes 'playing by the rules' seriously. We don't generally
    reward or support cheating, taking unfair advantage, breaking rules and laws for your own benefit, or engaging in self-interested behavior at the expense of the communities of which you are, or want to become, a part.

    "Illegal aliens do all of those things and more."

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