• Yes, what's wrong with America

    Why separate all these families what's the point of that . Shouldn't we be worried in other things . We face discrimination for coming to find a better place for our families. We cause no harm to anyone we just want the best for our kids and generations to come . We've helped build up the U.S. Literally.... We've don't mean to take anyone's job or anything we just want what we couldn't have in our country. We migrated to the U.S. Seeking freedom from gang violence property etc.... But we get here and face all this nonsense. It makes me sad
    Leo Garces

  • Yes why not?

    The immigration reform should pass because why not? Without the reform many families are being separated and broke apart. Why? Why should kids suffer because their parents got taken away? Why cant we just all pass this law and focus on some other things instead? We should keep our families together and stop separating families. They do the jobs that "us" Americans don't . Aren't we all illegal anyways? Aren't native Americans the only legal here ? Come one just pass the law now and stop making people suffer .

  • Yes! Why is this so hard to understand?

    The reasons on why it should be passed are obvious! I honestly thing that the only reason this isn't happening is because of close minded, and selfish people (Some republicans). Not trying to bash here, but they are a big part on why this isn't passed yet. We need to keep moving forward! Immigration is our future, it has always been!

  • Isn't america the land of the free?

    Saying that immigrants cant come to the us is crazy. This country is based on freedom and culture and saying that its irresponsible is crazy. This is a place people dream about, where they want to grow up and grow there kids up here. People come here for a better life, is being controlled really much better? America is the land of the free, lets keep it that way.

  • YES, It should be passed !

    There are many people who come here from other countries for a better life. They come here to work and make a better life for their family. They take jobs others wouldn't and don't even get paid well. Some have been for so many years and their kids were born here if they were to get deported what would be of their kids they would just ruin things

  • Yes, immigration reform must pass.

    Most immigrants find leaving their countries for one with a different culture, language and often climate extremely painful. Those who emigrate do so for a better life. They come here ready to work diligently to accomplish that goal. They take jobs most others will not, and work with fervor, happy for the opportunity. We need citizens like this.

  • Yes please yes

    Immigration is necessary not only for the families that are effected be deportation or fear or deportation, but also for the business community. Immigration reform is needed in order to legitimize this portion of our society as well as provide pathways to citizenship so that they can be active members in society.

  • Pass immigration reform

    Hispanics are important to the economy. If immigration reform isn't passed. Many jobs will continue to be lost, the economy would go down to the level of the Great Depression. Also people that are racist would increase. Hispanics are the main cause that Americans even have a roof over their head. We are the main body of the workforce that is in charge of actually building houses

  • Yes, pass it once and for all.

    I do not believe how long politicians have made this issue a game for casting votes without actually taking any action on it. We are talking about people who contribute to our communities. Yes, they broke the law and who doesn't? We are not talking about psychopaths or killers. And if they want to come clean and be part of our society obeying all the rules why should we stop them. I wish more Americans would defend their dreams as immigrants do instead of blaming everything on the govt and expecting the govt to solve all their problems while they're sitting on the couch watching reality shows and waiting for that unemployment check.

  • Immigration reforms should be passed.

    America's immigration laws need reforming. It is important to our future well-being as a progressive country that we get new legislation passed. It is impossible to insure that our borders are completely secure; we have been trying to secure them for years with mixed results. Therefore, the most timely and best action we can take is to reform and strengthen immigration laws.

  • If it passes, it's a slap on the face of those who follow Immigration Law

    Does the reform consider granting Citizenship to the non-immigrant parents of those Children who are US Citizens? And whose parents worked legally, paid all the taxes, never broke the law and are in the country legally for more than 8 years. It is a slap in the face of those people who followed the immigration law, stayed legal and had children but are taken away of rights vs. those illegals awarded Citizenship. The number is even less than 1/4 to that of illegals, does the Government think first about law abiding people v/s those who breaks the law? Unbelievable.

  • Open Borders= No immigration Reform.

    Passing an immigration reform while the border is not secure is an irresponsible act. As long as illegal aliens and drugs are smuggled across our porous border, no immigration reform should pass. A porous border not only means criminals and drugs coming across, but diseases like tuberculosis and illegal weapons.

    Posted by: Aned

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VoteforAmerica says2013-10-18T13:47:17.117
Seek the truth – stand by the truth – live the truth.
On the matter of Immigration reform, it is time for us as Americans to stand together as one to pass an immigration reform and free all illegal immigrants from the yoke of economic slavery and exploitation. It is time for us the people of this United States to embrace an immigration reform and give all illegal immigrants the freedom to be in this United States and pursuit their dreams and become the best they can be. We must end the exploitation of illegal immigrants in all forms; there is no question about it that the people that benefit from the people that are in our country illegally are the corporations, small business and the criminals. We Christians must stop this exploitation; God made us a family, no matter where we come from, our nationality, color or language. Our conscience is talking to us and is telling us that we must be united as one and demand from our government a just immigration reform.
Fellow Americans, our country was founded under Christian principles. We are our brother’s keepers. God made us a family to love and to care for each other. Our country’s history is full of great accomplishments and we done it through seeking justice, because is the right thing to do. Freedom, social justice and the rights of all the people within our jurisdiction to be free to pursuit happiness and prosperity should be defend it and protect it. Ours is a Christian nation and our Lord give us hope and the courage to correct what is wrong.
Please send letters to your Washington Representatives and the media demand an immigration reform now. God want for all people to be free and able to pursuit a better life and their happiness.
Posted by Juan Reynoso.
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