Should Immigration Reforms be less strict and difficult?

Asked by: SnowyPoem
  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to be successful.

    Anglo-Saxons arrived in North America during the 15th century, well after the Native Americans (the true Americans) had established themselves throughout the continent. Therefore, really it is us that are the immigrants, and it is simply selfish to allow only ourselves to reap the benefits of what we were able to create with stolen land. Just because some pieces of paper were declared laws centuries ago doesn't make the fact that Europeans and their descendants are all technically immigrants themselves. Not to mention the fact that for more multiple countries, the waiting period to attain the appropriate immigration documentation take several years (on average, Mexico takes 7). Therefore, I believe that we should allow for much more leniency on people who want to visit this country and reap the rewards for their offspring because all that we all really want is success for our loved ones.

  • Everyone should have multiple try's in life

    Because would you want to have multiple chances to get something right every time. And would you want to be killed if you don't do something right on the first time. Because if you where a slave and you did something wrong would you try to fix it. So that would be my answer to salvery

  • Immigration is good, if it's legal.

    Everyone knows America is a land of immigrants. We have benefited greatly from legal immigration. We absolutely do need to make legal immigration more streamlined and approachable for those foreigners who will benefit our society and our economy. Likewise, we need to get government out of private business so immigrants can actually achieve the American dream when they get here.

  • Hail no. The American culture will disintegrate.

    No. Take a look at how strict immigration is in Europe. They hardly let anyone in. Why? Because they care about their national identity and their culture. If we had more lenient immigration policy, in 50 years, America wouldn't be recognizable as the country it is now. It would simply be another extension of the poverty and gang-stricken continent that is known as South America. 25% of our prison population is made of illegal immigrants, and they only keep coming.

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