Should immunization of children be mandated by law?

  • Preventive medicine woks

    We do not want these diseases coming back. We have most of them eradicated now. If parents refuse to vaccinate their children we are just inviting these diseases back in our country, not to mention the chance of infecting someone else and the medical cost for treatment if they survive the disease. I think once they are born and start the immunization process ,the health department should make it mandatory to keep up with the immunization record of that child and make sure the parents are following through with the immunizations and if not maybe they need a visit from child and family services.

  • Mandate those immunizations

    Working in a primary care setting I see too many parents opting out of immunizations for the wrong reasons. These parents are willingly neglecting the well-being of their children and potentially exposing them to harmful or even deadly diseases. Meningitis kills, whooping cough in an infant kills, these parents should have charges brought up against them for child neglect and endangerment.

  • I agree children should have immunization shots and it should be a law.

    Yes I agree because we are choosing life instead of death for our children. And we will prevent or stop illness or disease that took out the children of the past that didn't have these immunizations shots. To the parents that don't want to get them do some research into the history and see what happen to children that didn't get the immunizations shots.

  • Not Vaccinating kids is bringing back illnesses

    The problem is that many people seem to believe that vaccinations cause autism or other disorders. They don't, and the possible side effects are miniscule compared to the chance of the child getting something like measles- an illness that was almost eradicated until people stopped vaccinating their kids. Would you rather have a small chance your child would have a negative reaction to the shot, or would you rather they get measles or mumps? Diseases that kids got in the 17th century? "It's my kid!" You say. Yes, but you are supposed to protect your children from harm, and that's what vaccinations do. There are outbreaks of those diseases, and it's harming other people now too.
    Do your child (and everyone else) a favor and get your child immunized.

  • I agree that immunization should be mandatory because protection of all is the best.

    Yes, I agree that immunization of children is spot on correct because they are most susceptible to illness and problems and can spread that on to everyone. In order to enter schools there should be some type of rule or law in place mandating immunization of students. A healthy kid is a happy kid.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • Yes, because children do not understand the consequences of not being vaccinated, and other children should not be put at risk from one non-vaccinated one.

    There is no reason that a child should have to suffer a lifetime of pain and discomfort, or death, because they were not vaccinated. Nor should they put in danger the lives of others around them, including infants that are too young to be vaccinated. People who are not vaccinated should be fined.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • I support that mandating immunization of children by federal law is a good idea, because I feel that this rule would be good for the children who need booster shots.

    I support that mandating immunization of children by federal law is a good idea, because I feel that this rule would be good for the children who need booster shots. The children need these shots in order to stay in school, and they need these shots to be assured of their own safety. In my opinion, the immunization of children needs to be a federal requirement.

    Posted by: LushQuinton58
  • Public benefits justify the mandatory immunization of children.

    Mandatory immunization of children is just one of many instances where the government establishes standards that parents must meet for the benefit of children and the public. We don't have to share the road with 12-year-old drivers, even though there are parents who would judge their 12-year-olds to be capable of driving. We don't allow parents to judge that their children don't need to go to school. We don't allow parents to judge that their children can have free access to alcohol and wander drunkenly through our cities. And we should not allow parents to judge that their children should be free to catch especially harmful and contagious diseases and spread them through our cities.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • I do agree that immunization should be the general legal rule for children as they enter school, because it will protect the largest number from serious disease.

    I do agree that enforcing immunization prior to entering school will save the largest number of children from serious illness, and I'd like it to be a law. However, I'd also like the law to be one that can be petitioned for exemption by individual parents who see an important reason for their child not to be immunized.

    Posted by: AlondraH
  • I support the immunization of all children for known diseases.

    I believe that if it is in our collective power to diagnose and predict a disease and to create an antidote, all children should receive these immunizations. I also believe that some mothers can not afford the choice, nor have the ability to make an effective decision. Since it is in our collective powers to know what it takes to develop a healthy child, the government should mandate these immunizations.

    Posted by: ChibN45c4r
  • People who said yes voted for Obama. I guarantee it.

    What is this world coming to? How dare you come into my life and tell me what to do when you have no idea? I am obligated to give my child these immunizations. But time and time again he has suffered. Even to the point of seizuring. And at what cost, because of your manipulated minds from the drug administration and the liberal media. All you can say is people who don't provide immunization to their children should be punished. I think I am being punished enough. Have you seen your child go limp and start convulsing? Don't even start to tell me that it was coincidence. EVERY SINGLE TIME HE GETS HIS IMMUNIZATION SHOTS HIS TEMPERATURE SPIKES! I'VE SEEN HIM AT 104.9 BEFORE GOING INTO A SEIZURE!!!! YES I AM YELLING AT YOU. YOU HAVE NO IDEA AND YOUR SITTING THEIR TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO. So now what? Should I be forced to see my children go through this? Because you were told immunizations were effective? Have you done studies yourself? Are you an expert? I'm not going to even ask if you're a doctor or in the medical field, because I already know your warped mind is manipulated by the drug administration. Just keep filling us all full of immunizations and drugs, that have side effects that can be far worse than what is being treated. That's all I have to say. I think I explained my stance.

  • Your child is vaccinated. Don't worry if mine is not.

    If your child is vaccinated then you have nothing to worry about if mine is not. It's a personal choice. No government should have legal rights to tell you what to expose your child to. What about obesity? Telling us what to feed our children seems like more of help. But forcing your child to be vaccinated is just a bad totalitarian movement. Vaccinate your child if you want. Or feed your child nutritious, and healthy foods and you don't need to worry about the disease.

  • It is too risky

    The vast majority of scares about vaccines are just made up. However there will always be a chance of a mistake in research or production. Should the government be responsible for forcing something harmful into children? Not only would that be a moral travesty, but it would provoke a public outcry. Vaccination should be encouraged but not mandatory.

  • Flawed Processes at the Heart of Science and Medicine Leading to Mass Hysteria...

    There is a real danger here when all evidence falling outside the holy circle of the "peer review" is automatically discounted as nonsense- dangerous nonsense that justifies persecuting those who even dare to question the supposed infallible dogma. And it is frightening to read the irrational vitriol of the side supposedly in favor of "community responsibility." Remember: all rational thought broke down during the Progressive Era of the late 19th and early 20th century when eugenics was considered a method of preserving and improving the dominant groups in the population , under the guise of "scientific consensus," beginning in America and culminating to the Nazi eugenics program. There is a pattern to irrationality of the mass campaign on the side promoting manditory vaccines, convieniently supported by the media outlets and the multi billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, that is beginning to look eerily familiar.

    A really fascinating piece by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine about the inherently flawed institution of "peer review:"


    Science is in danger of becoming a new religion, it would seem.

  • Appalled at anyone thinking that vaccination should be MANDATED!

    IF there were no risks involved, it still shouldn't be mandatory (1. America - 2. MY body/child's body). However, there are risks, PERIOD! No one has ever claimed that they are 100% safe, or effective for that matter. Not ONE person should be forced to vaccinate, to then in turn have a negative reaction, no matter how small. "Low risk" factor is so quickly used, and seems to hold so much "weight". You will care if you or someone you love gets included in that supposedly small percentage. 1 injury is 1 injury too many.

  • No, I think I've been tricked

    I personally don't think Its true when they say you ''need'' it. What, why?!
    Like I'll die without it?! First thing I have been tricked because I was told that the vaccines I get are a dead form of the disease itself, but when I went to get one, I saw that it was a solution of some sort in a small glass container, that says the side effects and what it contains. So what does this mean? And it ''triggered'' my disability and now I have a serious procrastinating habit! (in school) what's to blame? The government has no right to force people to take it and schools shouldn't require children to be vaccinated fully like their bodies belong to them! Or the government! This is unconstitutional and parents are not listening. Remember people this is your body not theirs, yours! And you decide what you are exposed to. And finally you shouldn't give up your rights in situations like this.

  • No it should not

    The government has no right by the constitution to tell me I have to give my kids vaccines. As Thomas Jefferson once said "the federal government should deliver mail and protect from foreign threats". I personally agree with that statement. On top of that there is some mounting evidence that vaccines can cause autism in children

  • Freedom of Choice

    There are many advantages and disadvantages to both vaccinating and not. It is nobody’s place to force the choice on you. Each parent is obligated to protect their child, not all of society. There are moral, ethical and legal reasons to retain the available exemptions and no medical or scientific reasons to remove them.

  • My Child, My Responsibility, My Choice

    We are all responsible for our own health and what we put into our own bodies and our children. Only we get to live with any negative consequences or effects. If my child is sick, who is directly effected? That would be me and my child. Who takes care of my child when my child gets sick, me, the parent. My child is my responsibility, and no one loves and has more invested in my child and their health than me. From my research, vaccinations are irresponsible in every way, unproven to prevent any disease, actually the opposite, parents being pressured to knowingly push disease and toxins into our infant children's blood streams? This sick campaign is being promoted by greed, and the public has swallowed it after hearing repeated fear messages threatening their children's lives funded by "experts". These same "experts" don't see, care, or have responsibility for my child's or your child's intimate day to day health, these same "experts" who stand to only profit when we, the public, get sick. Only you and I, the parents love and have responsibility for ourselves and our children, and only you and I the parents should decide the important health related matters that effect us and our children.

  • The safety studies of vaccines are completely inadequate

    They don't use real controls/placebos, instead they use other vaccines to compare against, and there are no mid or long term tests. There is no proper tracking in place after vaccination, so if a vaccine is causing MS for example, this will show up 60 days later and not be tracked. Doctors are not trained to look for vaccine damage. We have the assumption that vaccines bring more benefit than harm, but we have no way of knowing this, it's just a belief. The pharmaceuticals avoid doing such studies, they refuse to do a study comparing vaccinated against unvaccinated children; what do they know that makes them so keen to avoid that study? Is it that the vaccines make children more profitable? Not from the vaccines, but from the lifelong autoimmune diseases and allergies which vaccines are known to cause such as Lupus, Asthma, MS, Diabetes Type 1, Eczema etc turning our children into cash-cows for the pharmaceuticals? When they get Mumps, Chicken Pox, Flu they are only sick for a couple of weeks, not much money for the Pharmaceuticals, but once they have lifelong diseases and disorders, they are worth a huge amount of money to these corporations. Is this the dirty secret which is being kept from us and the real reason for the refusal of these vital studies?

    At the moment vaccines are a religion, now we need to see if they are founded by good science, or not as the case may be.

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