Should important decisions about children's health be made by medical professionals instead of parents?

  • Yes I agree

    If you love your children, You should give them the best the chance of surviving, So, You should let doctors make major decisions because they are the most qualified people to make those kinds of decisions, Most of the arguments made on the other side are personal stories which are most probably isolated events.

  • Medical Professionals Are Certified

    Medical professionals go through years of training and are genuinely interested in making a difference in people's lives and saving children's lives. Parents' judgement can be illogical and clouded by emotion, however well-intentioned it is. Some say that doctors can diagnose incorrectly and make bad decisions as well, but even so, it's unlikely that the parent would have been able to make better decisions overall in most cases.

  • Doctors know's best

    This is because the medical professionals had been through too many things during their medical years, so dare I says that they are more experienced than those parents that maybe just goggled up somethings straight from the internet, which in fact always make things hard for doctor to treat their patient, also with the myth and believe they put their faith on, it should not interfere with the healing process

  • Yes they should

    I think that there is a lot to be gained in terms of the health of our children and the health of our nation as a whole if we were to allow doctors to make important medicals decisions instead of allowing uneducated parents to stumble along and come up with their own choices.

  • Yes, they should

    Parents often believe that they know their child better than anyone. In some ways that is true but in others it is not. Parents are prone to overreact or miss something important when their child is sick. They simply do not have enough medical knowledge to make decisions for them. They are blinded by the assumption that know everything about their child. Making them venerable in making decisions for their child that will cause greater consequences later on. No, I am not saying that the doctors are always a 100% right about every decision they make but I am saying is that they did not got to school over ten years and know nothing. The doctor is more likely to make a better decision without being blinded by how much they know the child.

  • Yes, they should

    Parents aren't trained like medical professionals. They have to go through ten plus years of medical school, they are trained to make these decisions. They also have the option to discuss with other doctors as to what they should do. Although parents may have some say in what happens, the medical professionals should have the last word.

  • Medical decisions by professionals only

    As much as I believe that parents should be involved in important decisions, I think that all medical decisions should be left up to medical professonials. All too often parents may be too emotionally involved, so medical professionals are needed in order to make sure that the best decisions are made for children.

  • Yes, i agree

    The reason being that medical professionals have made it their number one priority to care for their patients, they even took oaths! They are expert in their fields, and will not by any means do anything that will harm a child but with scientific experience, they will enhance a child's health.

  • Doctors deserve the last say.

    A parent's responsibility is a duty not a right. Society trusts the parents to act in the best interest of their child but does not do so unreservedly. If the actions taken lead to a provable harm, it's neglect or abuse the child and parental privileges are then revoked because what MIGHT seem like the best decision that could've possibly been made in the parents' perspective might not always be the most efficient decision made for the child in terms of health. There might even be negative long-term effects from the decision made by the parents that they might know of.

    You might say that parents could consult the doctors of all the possible side effects of a medical treatment but what if the parents made the wrong choice? As a parent, they are also more emotionally attached to their child and would possibly choose the least painful or intrusive way of treatment whereas as a doctor with no connections to the child would choose the treatment that would cure the child and give them the best form of health even if it means suffering through excruciating pain TEMPORARILY for PERMANENT recovery.

  • I say yes.

    I think that there is a lot to be gained in terms of the health of our children and the health of our nation as a whole if we were to allow doctors to make important medicals decisions instead of allowing uneducated parents to stumble along and come up with their own choices.

  • Are you guys dumb or super dumb?

    You guys on the other side really as dumb as I think? You fools saying that mommy and daddy have to let some stranger, Maybe corrupt, To poke around with me babies insides no way. Maybe there are some "bad parents" but naw fool naw I ain't giving up all that hard work for nothing. According to the new york times 37% of decisions on the medical well-being of children were wrong and it caused fatal or very bad conditions

  • Nope, i don't think so

    In the end, the one that will be responsible towards their children are parents not the doctors. Not all doctors understand about children's feelings even parents are still confused about their own children's feeling i don't think doctors will have a better understanding towards the children. Even some diagnose from the doctors are still unclear for the doctors themselves, therefore it can't be justified that doctors knows what exactly the best for the children. In the end of the day wetjer it'll be cured or not parents will take the harms or benefits.

  • Do doctors know everything? No

    My child was diagnosed incorrectly for 4 months giving us to believe we would be fighting Lekemia. The pediatrician was wrong. We believed our prayers saved our child but we almost went through an unessary surgery. Thank God we did not! Thank the surgeon for the news received that all that was needed was antibiotics.

  • Parents should have the freedom to make all decisions regarding medical care for their children.

    My twins were born at 34 weeks and 3 days. Per hospital policy, they had to spend time in the NICU "feeding and growing". I was told what to do and when to do it by the NICU nurses. I felt as if I was being graded. I had absolutely no rights as a parent. I wasn't even allowed to let other's meet my babies because that was the NICU's policy. Luckily, my babies had no health issues, and as soon as my insurance pulled the plug on the funds, the NICU released my children to come home. It was awful. I knew it was mostly about money, but I had no rights and no option to take them to another facility to be evaluated. These kinds of things happen when medicine trumps parents.

  • Doctors are more corruptible than parents.

    Doctors should not be calling all the shots. Good parents are invested in their children, and doctors are present to ADVISE the parents on what the best course of action may be. However, doctors can be motivated by factors unrelated to the child's well-being (e.g., insurance companies that pander their medications to health care providers). Yes, parents can also be motivated by money or lack thereof, but their love for their children should (ideally) balance that out, along with insurance. Besides, what's next? Regulations for when you MUST take your child to the doctor? Is a child's power of attorney going to be removed from parents in favor of GALs or attorneys as a matter of course? After all, those with training know best.

  • No, doctors should NOT call the shots.

    I have a 21 year old son. When is was born, he was lifeflighted to a children's hospital with a NICU, and he almost died. When we got him back home, he started developing trouble again, and we took him to his pediatrician. He advised us, we were over protective parents and our son was just constipated. Mind you, Sacred Heart had already told us of a possiblity. The dr refused to run the tests, even as my son's intestines started showing through his belly. After three surgeries, he is fine, but he almost died. Parents sometimes know better.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I am someone who believes that the medical system is overall, a good thing that can benefit everyone. Despite this belief, I would never go so far as to say that we should have doctors making decisions for children instead of their parents. It is a parent's job to decide.

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