• Yes they should

    Yes, I think that it would be a real good idea for all of the people that are working in places that do not have a lot of safety to not have their things bought. they are not making the same quality of a product as they otherwise would be.

  • Yes imports should be reduced from countries with low occupational safety rules.

    Imports should be reduced because the quality of the products can be compromised when there are little to no occupational safety rules. Countries that have been known to have relaxed occupational safety rules tend to have higher rates of recalled products, which ultimately affects the consumers willingness to buy a particular product or brand.

  • Yes, they should.

    If a country has low occupational safety rules then, yes. Imports should be reduces from these places. There are exceptions, of course--for example the beef from Argentina has been banned for these reasons, even though it's the world's best beef. Occupational safety rules are important though. Very important. It guarantees quality.

  • No, I don't think that imports should be reduced from countries with low occupational safety rules.

    I believe that if we reduced imports from countries with low occupational safety rules then the prices of our goods and services will go up, it's unlikely that reducing our imports will make that country change it's ways since some other country will just import the goods instead of us.

  • Open the Market.

    It is the best interest for a free country to trade with all nations. As David Ricardo taught us free trade allows a to consume more products regardless or how advanced or behind another country is. If a nation of farmers is willing to feed a nation of merchants for a less cost this it would cost the merchants to feed themselves, it is in the best interest of the merchants to eat the farmers food and spend their own time doing something else to contribute to the world.

    So long as the food produced by the famers is good and safe the merchants shouldn't have a problem trading with them for their own self interest.

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