Should "In God We Trust" Be Removed from US Currency?

  • "In God We Trust" should be removed

    If there is a separation of church in state, than the phrase "In God We Trust" should be removed from US Currency. Statues of the Ten Commandments have already been removed from courthouses, and this religious phrase should follow suit. In addition, the population of the United States contains more than just Christians. I believe that having references to the Christian religion in our government can be disrespectful to members of other religions.

  • This is not a Christian nation.

    This nation is not a nation ruled by the religious, and certainly not ruled by the Judeo-Christians. Or at least it is not supposed to be. When you have things that discriminate on a purely religious basis, then we become violators of the constitution. The "under god" and the "in god we trust" may not be legislating against gays, atheists, agnostics, deists and unaffiliated, but it is a symbol of it. I wouldn't care so much if there were little to no example of religious rule. However, we live in a country where the Christians and Jews are overrepresented in our legislature and white house, and atheists, agnostics and unaffiliated are underrepresented. We have religious based laws in the state and government like gay marriage bans and abortion bans. This is a problem that we must remove one by one.

    I have seen people before use the "in god we trust" and "under god" to say this is a Christian nation. This is clearly a problem.

  • Evolution of the Constitution

    America was created to break away from the past and it is ever evolving due to evidence of accommodations for the rights of all people. This includes the vast progress of women's rights and gender equality in the 19 century. It includes the Gettysburg's Address that shaped the freedom for all people,"for the people, by the people"AS SAID BY Abe Linclon. Thus, this change in currency would ba a benefit for what American stands --Freedom.

  • Yes. This is not a purely christan country

    Everybody is different. Somepeople dont belaive in god others bevlieve in one or mayn we shouldnt be advertising one religion more than others. If we have in god we trust one our currency we should have all the other religious sayings too. America is singling out chritanism as the main realigion whitch it is but there should be less 'god' stuff in such a diverse country

  • This Country Was Founded On Secular Values

    Several of our founding fathers were deists, including Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison. Separation of church and state was to keep the church out of the state, yet some are ignorant enough to believe that it was the other way around. Right-Wing Fundamentalist Christians in power are fueling this bias, and they are, fortunately, not a majority in this country.

  • Yes, maybe on principle it should be removed.

    I myself trust in a higher power, but I do understand that there are those who do not and that in any event there are various opinions about what the word God actually means and implies. So in the United States, perhaps it should be removed from currency. I am sure the higher power would not take offense, being the higher power.

  • No. Absolutely not.

    God is Important to America. Removing "In God We Trust" from currency would be like removing "One nation, under God" from the Pledge. That would be wrong, in all ways. We should not remove that from our currency, it is against our believes as Americans. I do not believe it will ever be removed for any reason.

  • This country was built around god.

    Obviously if "In god we trust" is in the pledge this country was built around religion and god. If you don't want to say it, then don't. No one is forcing you. But there is absolutely no reason for it to be removed from the US currency. Simple as that.

  • It's not establishing a Religions.

    Many religions have a god, the phrase doesn't specify one. It being there has a much more important role... Acceptance. The phrase on the coin gives religious people a sense of being accepted in Government. Of being recognized by it.

    Government can't establish a religion, but it much recognize them. We saw what happened to groups who aren't recognized in Government (women, blacks, minorities.) It's security for all religious people who believe in a god.

  • No no no

    It's like taking "the United States of America" off our money because some people don't believe in America or taking liberty of our money because it "offends" communists who don't like the idea. Besides, "In G-d we trust" was put on the per money in 1957 as part of the red scare, because communist regimes hated and wanted to abolish religion from the public sphere, remind you of anyone?

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