Should in-state colleges be free to attend for in-state students?

  • Provide opportunities to the low-paying families.

    In the United States, not all of the people have the advantage to receive a high income every year. As a result, many people can not afford a good education after high school. Furthermore, these disadvantaged people end up being discouraged of getting an education and will set their expectations low for their kids.

  • To help people get educated

    Free college will help people who cant afford it be able to be educated.Maybe it doesn't have ti be completely free,but the cost should go down a lot.Also if college is free then there wont be as much debt.In fact the government will be paying 75% of the average cost of community colleges and the state would pay the remaining quarter.Yes taxes will go up but that just helps the government.I know that people and i understand that students who are not college material will attend.You still have to look at the positives and there are a few.What if we could get extra help for those who are flunking.That could help and this project could help people get better jobs.

  • I believe they should

    Many students who are intelligant, don't have enough money to go to college. I think that they should just be able to if they take a test or something. Plenty of people who want to learn and want education don't have enough money to go, so they should be able to go to college for free

  • Only on Scholarship

    In-state college should be free for in-state students only if they get enough financial aid through grants and scholarships. Otherwise, colleges will become insolvent and won't be able to afford to stay open. The only way in-state students should get a free ride to college is if there are massive tax revenues are raised for higher education.

  • Colleges cost money to operate, and students should help pay for it.

    Colleges cost money to operate. These costs must be paid by
    someone, and they should be paid in large part by the student. If students
    think that college is free, many students who are not college material will
    attend. Unfortunately, unless we further lower the academic standards, millions
    who now attend “free” school will drop out. This puts a huge burden on
    taxpayers, without graduating many more people who will have higher incomes
    over the future.

    Those students would have been better served in skilled
    trade apprenticeships or earning associate’s degree in programs like HVAC
    repair and nursing assisting than flunking out of college. If you cannot afford
    tuition today, work part time in school, apply for academic or need-based scholarships
    or take out loans to repay later. If none of these options is feasible, you
    should not go to college.

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