• YES! YES! They're inappropriate!

    I think they're inappropriate and immature and also because people ask for age, sex, and location. These users can also be an adult looking for someone to hurt. I believe they should be banned forever. ALL chat sites. Even the very bad ones too. That's why I think they should be banned.

  • Chatting sites should be Banned

    I think that a lot of chatting sites should be banned because, It hurts peoples feelings and it they also are cutting themselves because of cyberbullying or someone trying to tell them go and kill yourself. Thats not nice at all to say someone no matter what. It's stupid and cruel to anyone i still is online or in person because, The internet is the one place that people think that its there world now. Well not for me. My parents never ever grew up with this stuff at all. They had a computer but not chatting sites like today.

  • Yes, it should be banned!!

    Yes! All chat sites should be banned! If you say no, then you are totally on the wrong side. Many children socialise on the internet, mostly with people they meet online. Most of the people they meet online are actually child predators. Thier r child predators everywhere, on kids game, sites, and they will keep on tricking kids into giving their personal info.

  • Freedom is freedom

    Don't like them? Don't go on them. That simple. And if you do go on them, it's not like you're forced to give away your age, sex, and location. Plus the amount of people who benefit from being able to connect with random people all around the world is what makes this generation the first to experience global connectivity.

  • Do what you want.

    Most of the popular chat sites online have VERY strict regulations on underage broadcasting and enticement. Sure, people could lie about their age as well, but the moderation that takes place is pretty effective. Besides, those sites are designated for those purposes, they're not making Facebook groups that share posts and pictures or anything like that. They tend to be pretty discreet.

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