• Come on it’s fine

    Hello it’s me Jamal again and I have sex with mommy a lot I think all you con people are just jealous that you have to go out and find some random woman to date who will probably steal all your money unlike me and my mommy have good relationship

  • Well why not?

    If you want to do it go for it. I have no authority to tell people what they can or can't do. If you do not believe that it is moral then no one is asking you to participate in it. E should just let people do what they want (as long as it's not hurting others)

  • Just gonna play devils advocate here

    So I agree with the fact that it’s immoral and it definitely is a shameful thing and pretty much with the con side against it but I do feel like there’s some unanswered points here.

    So as the first pro said let’s have an example with a single mom who can’t find love (because let’s be honest it’s really hard for single moms to find love) and a son who’s depressed and finds his mom attractive and let’s say they really did love each other that much and they do have a heartwarming relationship and that’s the only way to cope with their depression? I know it’s wrong but if. . . It’s two consenting adults at least and they really do love each other that much and then dating and having sexual relationships is the best thing they have? Should we take that away from them and what should we do at that point?

    Or let’s say that they just can’t help it and they really do want to have sexual relationships and their over 18? It may seem wrong but if they can’t help it and if it’s really heartwarming for them should we take it away from them?

  • Yes yes and yes!

    Look I know it's not exactly right it's morally wrong but. . . Time's are changing and some people are just gonna be attracted to their family members and they just can't help it. With the world getting scarier sometimes a boy would rather date his mom than risk dating a really bitchy feminist. Plus the relationships can be really really healthy and heartwarming and as long as it's two consenting adults. . . There's really not a big problem.
    The sex part of it isn't really a problem either cause the emotions are just really strong in this type of relationship and again it can be really really healthy for this to happen. At least be open minded about it and try to find some incest relationships that can are actually really heartwarming. If it makes them happy and they don't hurt anyone then it shouldn't be a problem.

    At least be open minded to it.

  • Isn't the answer obvious?

    Of course it would!
    Look at seattle the police force is unable to respond to 911 calls for rape. Killings and robbing has gone through the roofs. I don't understand how the hell this is even debatable at this point. So for every home with an abusive alcoholic husband beating their son/wife/daughter. Who the hell is gonna respond to it and how the hell are they gonna respond to it with such limited funding on weapons when all the money goes to cars, Gas, Uniforms, Etc. Who's gonna investigate all the murders and kidnappings and go after all the gangs?

    Anyone who thinks that defunding the police will not increase crimes has no idea how a society works.

  • Um. Ew. No. Not to mention the children.

    Not only is it morally reprehensible, Children of incestuous relationships are often very unhealthy. Incest born children are more prone to disabilities and deformities that decrease quality of life or can be life threatening. Offspring are more likely to inherit recessive genes. Meaning children born of incest are more likely to develop schizophrenia, Blindness, Diabetes, And heart problems.

  • No just no. . .

    First off ew, Second off distrusting, Third when it comes to parent relationships it should only be one role which is parents are the parents and children play the children no matter what age. Anything else like a lover or spouse is just emotionally not good and disgusting on a biological level

  • Never will be except in your mind

    It is wrong and the children come out with a higher chance of genetic defects. Find anyone else.
    It will never fly just like pedophi-- will never be accepted.
    People who do that bring shame to their families and in a documentary I saw the who family was ashamed of them.
    That is abominable

  • No no no JUST GOD NO!

    First of all can we just realize that when 2 family members have children more often than not, That child is going to have such extreme deformities that they won't be able to. . . To even do anything! Would you as a person marry your MOTHER have children knowing that it is so EXTREMELY likely that your children will. . . Will be born like that?

    Now let me just say that if you are sexually attracted to your mother in any way you're either crazy in the head, A creep, Or a future rapist. Your mother is your mother, She raised you, Cared for you, But she isn't your future wife, Girlfriend.

    Now on the pro-side I can see why they think it should be legal, And they make a pretty damn strong argument I admit.

    Yes it may be true that these incest-relationships might be heartwarming, And loving but the real problem I have with that is. . . Look around imagine your older brother right? Your older brother is married to your mom. Your older brother is now technically speaking. . . Your father.

    Now I'm fine with family members being very close to each other, But having a sexual attraction to them? That. . . That would seriously make me feel weird, And uncomfortable.

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