• Yes, Incest is best

    Love and Incest with adult consent.

    Incest between consenting adults should be permitted and excellent expression of
    love! I don't think the genetic problems are really significant. There is the benefit
    of keeping the good genetics within the "Family" which in the past some Royal
    families did. In this country we have freedom. Freedom of expression of love
    and sex should be free. Sons in love with Moms, Daughters in love with Dads should have
    sex if consensual and of age.. Brother and sister connections are wonderfully satisfying.

    As for cousins -- Don't even worry.
    Unfortunately the Laws are antiquated.

  • The genetic defects are the same risk in first generation incest

    A study was recently done that stated that the possible genetic defects between an incestuous couple and an unrelated couple are basically the same. As an example, the odds that a child born from an unrelated couple would have a genetic defect of some kind and the odds that a child from an incestuous couple would have a defect are basically the same, so if you were born with a bleeding disorder or if you are a carrier for CP and you married an unrelated person and had a child, the odds that your child would get CP would the same odds if an incestuous couple had a child with a birth defect. That being the case, why not allow incest between two consenting people. As long as they both agree that they both want it, it shouldn't be a problem. As the first poster said, love is love no matter who provides it.

  • Love is love, no matter what.

    Incest does nothing, its just a state of two people who happen to be related in a relationship. It is nothing more and nothing less. Genetic diseases is one of the most fraudulent arguments given, people born from incestuous incest are 100% normal with no variations or higher risk to genetic diseases. Check out this Australian couple with kids, they are 100% normal. Most research concerning incestual genetics were made around 50 years ago and are extremely biased (if not flat out lies). I find it deeply saddening that some people cannot be with each other, like this couple of brother and sister in Ireland. If someone wants to love someone else that's their choice, no matter who they are. I personally do not support homosexuals but its their choice and I support real love. In religion incest is all over the bible (ex. Abraham married his own sister) and in ancient Egypt it was a sin for the Pharaoh not to marry his own sister. Love is love, it takes a lot for someone in this age to want to date someone related to them.

  • It's always nice being wanted. Even if it's by the wrong person.

    Nowadays, gays and lesbians are slowly being accepted in our society. So why can't our society accept incest as well? If two people from the same bloodline love each other, why should we stop them? They don't hurt/harm anybody in the first place. Love shouldn't have boundaries. Before this world was governed by laws, it was acceptable to mate with a person from your bloodline. I mean, all of us wouldn't be here if Adam and Eve's children didn't mate right? Think about it. People involved in incests doesn't harm anyone, so why is this illegal?

  • It shouldn't matter

    Answer me this why is it ok for a 25 year old autistic man who has a speech impediment on top of a deformity that made his teeth crooked and rot faster than normal to have a child with a 19 year old woman who is severely over weight, when its not ok for an avg sized man to have a child with his avg sister? Why is it ok for ppl who have diseases like cancer or hiv to have children and sex respectively when it not only considered morally wrong but a punishable offence for for two of age adults to have sex when they are related? There are so many genetic deformities and problems out there that are still getting passed on. Me and my wife recently just went through a miscarriage and you know what I found out from out friends and family? That it was so commonplace that most of the mothers I knew have had 2 or more miscarriages, even the doctors told us that it was a common happenstance. That tells me that you just as likely to have a genetic problem having a child with your brother/sister/mother/father/daughter/son as you are with a non blood relative. So yes incest should be allowed and if not then we as a species need to start as a whole weeding out the geneticly unstable and not let them procreate since we are already doing to for one type of ppl might as well do it for all of them, right?

  • Modern hookup society

    I am fully agreeing to the fact that having a child within the family should not be allowed because of the genetic risks. Although with modern contraceptive advances using both condoms and birth control(which lets be honest a lot of women use today), hell even the morning after pill if you want to be completely sure, the "genetics" problem is eliminated. Like I said though deliberately having a child is wrong. Now we know that in today's generation both genders participate in hooking up just to fulfill sexual needs and gain pleasure without pursuing a relationships(ex. One night stands). So if it was purely to bring pleasure to yourself and a loved one without having romance, much in the way to help them out with say a back massage after a long day of work(maybe a bad comparison) then is it really that morally wrong? This isn't something that I think you should look at with your personal judgemental opinion, but with how sex is viewed in modern society which is no longer just associated with marriage and having children.

  • Look at the facts..

    Incest should be applauded as long as there is no procreation during sex. This relationship would strengthen family bonds, encourage safe sex as an alternative to sex with strangers that may pose a potential risk, and recreational sex doesn't hurt anybody. Although there may be a need to differentiate between a loving and a family member with benefits relatinship in the future I must say that I would look foward to humping the brains out of female family members.

  • Love is love

    As long as it's consent, (and in this case, breeding is controlled) people should be allowed to love who they want! My friend loves her/his brother more than s/he should? Who the hell am I to judge?! No matter race, age difference, blood relation, gender and religion, people should be able to marry and/or have sex with anyone who says yes!

  • Because if two people love each other, family shouldn't be what holds them back.

    Abortion can be forced by law, but there isn't a reason why the relationship/marriage of it be restricted. I know of many incestuous friends of mine, and the love they have is stronger than any other relationship can ever give them. It makes them VERY close, and they no each other so well. They're so happy! But it must stay a secret... Is something like that so wrong? It's 2013 guys, come on, it's like restrictions on marrying people another race as you.

  • Free love but controlled genetics!

    Incest shouldn't be forbidden, only the inbreeding should.
    If a women accidentally get impregnated by a close family member she only should be bound by law to abort it, to keep the gene pool clear.
    Also incest doesn't corrupt the family structure but instead it would strengthen it in my opinion.

  • People can be stupid sometimes

    In my country and state incest is illegal and it considered as felony crime,punishment from 5-life in prison depend on how severe the circumstances.Don't you even look at the statistic and news?Most sexual abuse crimes cause by incest relationship.Such as step-father rape her 8 years old daughter cause serious injury.

  • No,No, and No

    Incest itself is already morally wrong and it is illegal in many place.While only few place incest is taboo,or legal.Incest relationship result in many negative outcomes such as :1.It damage family unit,2.It cause sibling abuse or child sexual abuse.3.It cause infant birth infection.It should be considered as felony crimes,no doubt.

  • Seriously?!?

    What kind of ridiculous question is this? There isn't a single justification for incest - period. Despite the more-than-obvious social issues tied to incest, which alone are enough to answer the question, one could look at the sheer science behind it. It is a known fact that children born from parents who have very similar genetic make-up (like "family") are prone to extreme genetic diseases as well. There is not a single positive reason for incest - end of story.

  • Despite Religion, Not Because of it

    Incest should not be allowed, but not because of anything related to religion. The reason that incest should not be allowed is because of the affect on the children themselves. The potential for recessive genetic diseases among two close blood relatives is simply too high, and it is not fair to the children. If you are going to allow incest in a municipality/state/etc, there should be required sterilization of one or both individuals. Until we have full genetic mapping of prospective parents to find the possibility of any genetically inherited diseases, it is simply not worth the risk.

  • I don't support it

    Noo way!!! Incest should remain as a crime and it should be illegal forever.There are so many negative outcomes from incest.You can find your mate/intimidate partner anyware but not your family member.Your family can't be your intimidate partner.Also it cause birth infant infection and sexual abuse and many others comes.

  • No, in most cases.

    What does this mean in terms of the question? If we're talking about cousins being able to marry, of course it should be allowed. But brothers and sisters are likely to have a coercive rather than an equal relationship, and of course anything between an adult and a child is wrong.

  • The 1st law giver said it was an abomination

    The 1st law giver said it was an abomination. I was a victim of incest outside my immediate family "A fiancé - with: her two boys two son n laws. Cops instead of doing anything began using them (blackmail) The cops have been trying to destroy me for over 15 years! Besides the genealogy the mental destruction is immense! I could write a book on the sociological depravity that takes place, the demeaning treatment of people that get in the way (Me I was her fiancé. She was a bused by her dad - brother - 3 uncles, one of whom killed himself because of his part of the abuse! Incest on the books carries a 100 year prison sentence! That represents the destruction of incest. I have over 20 years into exposing Rogue cops who neutralized their badges by their illicit sexual escapades. I am hacked - harassed 24/7 on: TV, internet, radio, phone, vehicle radio - via Satellite intrusion - injection of audio into the media stream. It is all: Death threats - intimidation - coercive bullshit ! To put it mildly. Those cops have basically destroyed two town in NE Mt. Via their false TRO's & lies! Lie, lie, lie to cover up their crimes!! I live in Anarchy! & you do not want to live here! Peace.... Cut.

  • No, incest should not be allowed

    The taboo against incest is very widely held in human societies, and I believe for good reasons. Apart from the very reasonable genetic objections, I think incest has been frowned upon because it weakens the structure of the family. There is a belief that marriage was an institution that helped to strengthen the family, as men could be encouraged to stay with one woman and help to raise her children because he could be assured that they were indeed his children; his genes were being passed on. In cases of incest there would be rivalries internal to that family structure.

  • Incest is so wrong!

    Incest should never be allowed let it be consensual or not. Scientifically or religiously incest is not encouraged. There is a reason why Mother Nature made us this way. People who commit incest have psychological problems in most of the cases. Life is not about sex. Family is all about love(without romantic feelings, Lust, Etc), Respect. If this goes on then in 50 years or so people will argue saying that pedophilism is not wrong. Even animals try to avoid it. There is a reason why humans are intelligent than other animals. We have morals and ethics so that it is healthy for us to live properly. Family is all about security because we know if there are always people who will support us. Let’s not abuse purity of family bondings. From the place I come from, Incest is frowned upon and literally no one will support. We also experience Anti incest mechanism. Why? There is a reason to everything which cannot be explained. So let’s not destroy family bondings by encouraging incest.

  • Because what the fuck

    Stop fucking your cousins. Sweet home Alabama head ass. Go find someone in a bar or something, You know tinder and seeking arrangements is a thing you weirdos. Don't move onto animals just because we say incest is wrong. Do not violate these creatures like how you violate your children and relatives.

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