• Yes, it is an unhealthy behavior.

    Even in the case of consenting adults, incest is an immoral and unhealthy behavior. Reproduction among closely related people results in genetically weaker and abnormal offspring. Birth defects, immune system problems, and developmental delays all occur with greater frequency among children born from incestual pairing. Even when no offspring are involved, incest should still be illegal because it is a perversion of healthy human sexuality.

  • There is no justifiable reason to legalize incest.

    Incest is one of the most morally repugnant crimes in today's society. In addition to a higher risk of birth defects in children that are the result of incest, the psychological toll on the participants in the act makes it too detrimental to legalize. In all forms, incest must remain illegal.

  • Incest should be illegal among immediate family members.

    All forms needs to be better defined in order to clarify what it means exactly. Incest should be illegal, however, among immediate family members. It is generally accepted that relatives three times removed are no longer actually related enough to warrant relationships between them as incestuous. This is why all forms needs to be clarified.

  • Adult consensual incest should be legal.

    With the use of contraception incest is good. It has brought me and my sister alot closer. We used to argue alot and didn't get on very well, Which effected the family. We spoke about how we could get along better and I told her I read that sex between a brother and sister can be very bonding, So we have been having sex and it has been amazing! It has helped us alot.

  • Should be legal for consensual adults

    It should remain illegal for people under the legal age of consent. But anybody over the age of consent, Using birth control, Should be allowed to have consensual sex with anyone they choose. If it happens to be a family member like maybe a sister then why not? You already love and trust each other so i don't see the problem.

  • Can't stop love.

    The act of having consensual sex with a close family member should be legal, the part that should stay illegal is impregnation during incest. You can be as turned on by your sister as the girl next door, but you shouldn't go at it just because you're related? Better have sex with someone you know personally and know you can trust than someone who you basically met someday. My sister and I have pleasured each other from time to time, but just for the sake of pleasure, not because we wanted children.

  • Birth defect is a nonsense reasoning. Admit that you are some faithful devotees to Christianity.

    You see, I totally agree that siblings with blood-relation shouldn't have CHILDREN, not love. They are probably smart enough nowadays to use condom and birth control in order to prevent some genetically defective child to be born. Love sprouting from the intimacy of siblings is normal, guys. It's beyond our control to stop love, which is one of the most strongest force in nature. And for it is a gift from creation, why should we ever try to crush it? Consent and safe love will bring people more than just happiness in this cruel world. So explain to me, what is your motive of being adverse to it? Do you really think stopping incest is better for this world, and for the people involved in it? Is incest harming the society?
    NOT AT ALL. And they say to be able truly judge a thing, you must understand it thoroughly. Place yourself in their position, and then think about their "sins" of loving somebody.
    HAHAHA! Love has been warped into a sin. I get it now Bible. You are indeed important, but for us to evolve as a species, we must cease putting trust and devotion and understanding in some words, but in actual humans. Embrace your loved ones and all others with love and goodwill people. Please don't doubt, hate and criticize them.

  • No, incest should be legal.

    No, incest should not be illegal. Historically, incest ran rampant among the elite classes, so property and in many cases, the throne would stay in the family. Scientifically, the only issue with incest is if two individuals are too closely related and have a child, that child has the potential to be born with physical and mental defects. It makes more sense to make sure the incestuous couple doesn't reproduce than it does to outlaw incest. Finally, from a social standpoint, an incestuous relationship has no impact on others, so there's no point in making it illegal.

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