Should income and estate tax be replaced with a higher sales tax?

Asked by: TheInterlang
  • It would make things easier for everybody.

    Both the people and the government would benefit from the replacement of income tax by a higher sales tax. The people would benefit by not having to deal with the stress of tax time. The government would also benefit by not having to maintain the monstrosity that is the IRS, as it would not have to be nearly as big.

  • There are plenty of advantages.

    Some things that would make it better:

    - It taxes products, not people. Fruits and veggies could have no income tax, other foods could have 5 or 15 percent tax, school/office supplies could have 20%, and luxuries like electricity and computers could carry 30 percent. No more "tax the rich", instead "tax the luxuries".

    - No more having to file everything. No more tax time stress.

    - It is impossible to evade. How does one evade a sales tax?

    - It encourages people to stay local. People may buy local services that don't have the higher sales tax, reducing stress on global economy.

    Sorry, I meant to say "state" instead of "estate" in the topic.

  • A only sales tax system isn't viable for the lower class

    For a government to not charge income and state taxes, prices on taxes for properties, food, and other products would sky rocket. The lower class who pay virtually nothing on their income taxes cannot afford the new prices on food and property and many of them would then go homeless. People are arguing to "tax the luxuries" but what really defines a luxury. Some people would say a car, but in America pretty much everyone needs a car and very high sales taxes on them would make it unaffordable for millions. Also, people argue that computers and electricity are luxuries, which is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. In todays modern world almost everyone needs a computer and electricity these industries create millions of more jobs and by "taxing the rich, with taxes on computers" it would really just kick a ton of people out of the possible technology field because they cannot afford a 2,000 dollar computer that was 800 before.

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Proudlibertarian says2014-06-06T16:56:01.550
Neither of these, there should simply be no taxes, no government and no public services. Let the private sector deal with it.