Should income tax be abolished in the US, And we tax unearned (property, Capital gains, Etc) at a higher rate instead?

  • No one is entitled to your labor

    Flatly, I think we should abolish the income tax in the US, Because no one is entitled to your labor other than you. Not only that, But this seems to be an intentionally designed divisive tool. It creates a lot of feelings of resentment from many people when their income is being taxed to subsidize other people who don't work. That creates a very natural feeling of resentment.

    Versus unearned income, Where you simply make money from owning something. Such as a business, Land, An intellectual property, Stocks, Or investments, Etc. People that make money off of these things did nothing to earn these things other than have the money to purchase them. They make money off of their money, Through no additional effort of their own. It allows them to consolidate wealth in such a way that they can break the entire economic system for the rest of us, So that they can in-fact consolidate -more- properties at the expense of the rest of us. This is the sort of income that should be taxed heavier and should be funding our social/infrastructural policies. There will always be people looking to make more and more, And we should be leveraging that aspect of greed to the advantage of society.

    Versus stealing labor from the people who earned their money via busting their ass.

  • The government shouldn't tax you

    Earning income through the form of labor is a product of what you do. The government shouldn't be able to tax what you do. The government should rely more on taxes from "products". You can classify it into a more complex wants and needs. Everyone needs a job but like the type of house or products you buy at a store or even the type of property are all subjective and you can choose what you buy. If the government took away Income tax than you could also be smarter with your money

  • The Federal Income Tax Brackets Should be Changed, Not Abolished

    Income tax is used to fund a wide variety of public services from education to Medicare, Medicaid, And social security. Getting rid of income tax would prevent the government from being able to fund these institutions as much as they can and thus from serving the public to the best of what money can offer. Tax brackets should be changed to tax the rich more on their wealth and have the lower middle class and lower class workers less taxed. Then fewer people feel like their hard earned money is taken away from them.

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