• It should be raised.

    Raising the age limit on buying and playing violent games I know will stop teenagers who copy cool things they see on TV from starting to become aggressive people. Increasing the age limit on playing and buying violent games to more mature audiences like people in their twenties would be better.

  • Video Games should have age limits

    Violent video games should have age limits just as rated r movies have age limits on them. The video games that are made today are incredibly graphic and violent and are nothing like the video games that were played twenty years ago. These games have harmful effects on impressionable teenagers.

  • Parents should approve.

    Yes, increased age limits should be placed on purchasing violent video games, because there should be parental involvement in buying video games that are so dangerous. There should be higher age limits because young people who are exposed to violence are conditioned to it. They should wait until they are older and they can process violence without copying it.

  • There all to high anyway!

    The video game fallout is treated as a 15 now by most parents. The reason: violence is a part of life and nobody cares in the fist place. Here are some of the games my friends children play: Fallout, Call of duty, Just cause and even GTA! Nobody gives a shit at all!

  • The Ratings Is Like Movie Ratings.

    They All ready Has a age Limit on them. E For Any Age Like G. E10+ For pg. M For Pg-13. A For R. Also For M Rated Games You Have to be 17+ To Purchase. A Rated Games You Have to be a adult. So yeah. Any thing else to say

  • Age Limit IS Fine

    You have to be 17 or something to buy violent video games now. Most parents buy violent video games for their kids anyways. I mean, you could place a new law on the ballot, but I doubt it would pass considering what I said above. Video games are not the problem anyways, it is how people raise their kids.

  • No, it's time to get over our fear of video games.

    Kids can see violence that's just as bad as video games on television. For example, Law and Order SVU runs almost 24/7, and that show features episode after episode of someone getting brutally raped and murdered. There's no point in trying to raise age limits. The age limits now are fine. I think violent video games should be open to purchase to anyone over 18. That's old enough to make responsible decisions.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that the age limit for purchasing a violent video game needs to be raised. I think that the way the system is now is working just fine, and people to young can not buy the game, but they still make a huge amount of money.

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