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  • The Dutch don't call it indecent and neither should we.

    As long as you NOT DOING ANYTHING SEXUAL, Then yes. Clothing is nice because of how it protects our bodies from the elements, As well as how it acts as a vehicle for expression. I like to show off my new jacket or brand new pair of long jeans. However, There are certain situations where bearing little to no clothing is preferred, And I think people should be able to not wear anything in any given situation, Seeing as they are conducting themselves properly.

  • Cool nekkid people

    Okay so why do we make this a crime anyway? Its just showing your actual body without stupid garments to the world and I think banning that is against our natural bodies. We are born with no clothes on and for society to tell us we can't go outside and whip our d*cks around like a helicopter I think are authoritarians that should bre removed from office. What do you think>

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