Should India be ashamed of its record in Kashmir?

  • Yes it Should

    India should be ashamed of its record in Kashmir. Like most other governments, the government of India has taken part in horribly oppressive violations of its citizens' human rights. In India's case, one of the most eggregious violations of human rights occurred in Kashmir, where citizens were murdered and displaced.

  • Kashmir needs India

    Kashmir is an integral part of India.Whoever are demanding that India should leave Kashmir should look at the concessions India has made for the people of Kashmir. They enjoy special education quota, jobs quota . Indian army does its best to protect the people of Kashmir from terrorists and they are the ones who are asking India to move out. Shame on them. Try joining Pakistan for some time and you will know how better is living int India than a orthodox muslim country like Pakistan. Not all the people of Kashmir are like that though. This is only a small minority of these people who are raising pro-Pakistan slogans. They should be dealt with a heavy hand.

  • Kashmir belongs to India

    The thing with Kashmir is that it is very hard to rule in the first place. The only reason Pakistan cares about it is because it it part of the Indian holy land as that is the land where Shiva resides. I do beleive that India deserves this land and India only lost possesion of Jammu and Kashmir due to the War of 1965 ending with a UN ceasefire.

  • No, India's record is admirable.

    No, India should not be ashamed of its record in Kashmir, because it is only fighitng off another nation that wants to overtake its country. India owns the area and has controlled Kashmir for a long time. India should not give up the region simply because another nation has decided that they would rather have the land.

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