Should India be reorganized into more and smaller states?

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  • Is there a reason to do this?

    If there is a civil war or under-the-surface internal conflict in India, then I haven't heard anything about it. I really don't think there's a reason to split India into multiple states - yes, overpopulation is an issue, but they may need to reduce their breeding somehow, perhaps even as drastically as the Chinese used to. India is a diverse country, too - what reason is there for them to split?

  • Just nuke it

    If your country is having problems just have other countries come in and nuke it, it helps clear out overpopulation (A real problem in India) and cleaning up all that nuclear radiation sounds like a good job creator for high-tech industries. Plus Japan got nuked and now they have the longest average lifespan in the world. So apart from creating jobs, solving the over-population problem, and theoretically extending life expectancy, what could possibly go wrong?

    * I am trolling in case you didnt pick up on that

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