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  • No, they should perservere

    Peace talks are more likely to accomplish nothing than their intended goal, I understand that. But we get nowhere when we don't talk to one another, this world has too many conflicts that don't need to exist and it's be nice to see a couple of unlikely allies find a way to get along.

  • Ignoring or staying silent is not the solution

    If your next door neighbor kills a member of your home, there are two ways to respond. First, you can kill one or many from their house; but that is only going to damage the situation further as many more from your own house could be killed in response, and thus, the policy does not truly benefit your own home. Second, you can try to reach a diplomatic solution through talks and avoid future deaths; but then again, that does not ensure that your neighbor will not strike again. The important challenge for the leaders of this country is to figure out how to proceed with peace talks (to ensure the future safety of Indian soldiers and citizens) while also sending a stern warning for what could happen if such an incident occurs again and thereafter, ensure that it is acted upon. It would also be beneficial to utilize outside support, from all sides of the world, to resolve these differences and attain common good.

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