Should India continue to be a part of the commonwealth?

  • Yes, because I do not believe that they have violated any of the terms that it upholds.

    I say yes, because I believe that India does need to be kept in check. The population crisis there is starting to get out of hand. To help fix the problem, I believe they should stay as a part of the organization to be watched and helped.

    Posted by: RobustMarkus66
  • Yes, India should continue to be a part of the commonwealth, as they deserve the same equal chance as the other nations.

    The commonwealth does nothing but better and set a strong framework for the nations that are a part of it. The common values and goals set forth by the Commonwealth are crucial to the development of some countries.

    Posted by: MomentousRhett89
  • Yes, India should continue to be in the commonwealth, because it wants to be.

    The commonwealth hasn't been called the British commonwealth since 1945. Also, being a member is voluntary. If India wants to be a member, I don't see why not. The commonwealth is an entirely positive thing, so it seems that it only helps India, in the long run. What would the benefit be from India separating itself from the commonwealth?

    Posted by: PricklyAndrea35
  • Yes it should be

    Commonwealth countries has long experiences of slavery. They fought together in last century... Like apartheid in south Africa.. Slavery in American continent,, so India can get reed of worlds most dangerous and evil form of slavery.. The caste system and untouchability. It can be a platform to annihilate caste system

  • Yes, I believe that India should continue to be part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

    I believe they should remain a part because they wish to and if that is the case, as I understand it is so; then they will be unified if they remain as such. The fact that the largest part of the population of the Commonwealth of Nations is from India would have a major affect on other countries in the Commonwealth, if they chose to leave.

    Posted by: QuickestLeigh
  • INDIA Shoul be indipendent not sovereign states for British

    Here are some recent definitions. A Canadian scholar says it is “a free and voluntary partnership or association of nations.” An Australian expert describes it as “an association or organization for common action of a group of communities historically linked by settlement or conquest with Britain.” To Field Marshal Smuts, the South African soldier and statesman, it is “a group of sovereign states working together, living together in peace and war under a system that has stood the greatest strain to which any nation can be subjected.” An American observer says, “It is on the whole the most effective league of nations that the world has ever seen.” But a British writer, remembering something the others forgot, says, “It is an association of free states with a tail of dependent states.”

  • No. Because it is outdated

    So far India's largest trading partners do not belong to the commonwealth. Britain has systematically discriminated against India in terms of policy, monetary funds and immigration regulation and their media doesn't do India any favors either. So why should we continue to be part of an organization that doesn't respect us while we acknowledge the UK head of state as the leader? Enough.

  • Superpower,Multi cultural,Secular and mainly not too much in to agreeing to slavery

    India is a huge country with multiple languages and multiple cultures.Each culture has a long history .Why then should India be part of a organization which is only a stamp on the fact that the country has be colonized.India is now a super power with way too much intellectual brain power.Why should we then agree to the past of slavery?

  • Commonwealth is redundant

    The Commonwealth is incapable of dealing with serious issues around the world. Why should developing countries spend valuable resources for an organization which has no concrete contribution to make? It may suit the needs of some countries who have a nostalgia for the past, but it has been of no use for the emerging democracies of the world.

  • No, because it is a legacy of British imperialism.

    No because the British Empire is one of the darkest stains in Indian history. India should not be a part of an organisation that has a legacy of that stain. Furthermore, I fail to see how the monarch of a country (UK) thousands of miles away can be a "symbol of free association" of India.

  • Why should we?

    It's a universal fact that we were a colony serving for the likes of Britain. There is no such thing as honor or pride in it. Commonwealth does nothing but serves as a reminder of our oppression by Britain. We should come out of this senseless group to show them that we don't serve them anymore.

  • Colonial Hangover has to end

    India is an independent country and also home to one of the largest youth populations. They need to grow up with pride and all the tag of 'commonwealth member' indicates is that we were once ruled by the Brits. Lets bury the past and start over. And quitting the commonwealth will be the ideal step. There is nothing to lose if India does decide to walk out.

  • India is independent!

    We are an independent nation, we dont have to be under any committee or commonwealth. It is shame for all our freedom fighters that we are still a part of the commonwealth. We should become strong and rule the world with love and stop taking help from other countries every time. Jai Hind

  • India needs to mature

    Growing up and becoming mature means standing on your own feet. You don't need a consortium to guide you for what is wrong and right, how to improve your infrastructure, etc. The nation needs to strengthen itself with self-pride, and the citizens have to play the part. Living in constant fear that the fellow man is out to loot you and being concerned how to best one another is a poor and hypocritical mindset that the nation needs to overcome.

    Being in a Commonwealth allows for no self-development, especially for a nation that has enrichment that it is putting inside in favor of Western pathways. Commonwealth is a just that, a place to feel a sense of belonging. We have enough population to already have that. We have the people, resources, and the smartest people in the World, yet we squander that and constantly seek someone to manage us. It is time to start bringing our own house in order; feel good about ourselves with self-pride and promote that to the World.

    Britain is a small island, a has-been; yes it is rich from the loots of others. Continuing to glorify and champion their ways is a form of ignorance to ones' self. Read our scriptures and it is evident that one of the biggest sins and multiplier of Karma are brought forth by ignorance.

    Let's stop being a nation of fools. Even Rome fell. Britain has fallen and is clinging on, yet we support the concept of their existence and might.

    It is time to grow up and take our rightful place in the World as leaders of economy, knowledge, civil structure (Build and clean up our country and peoples' lives), and stop being the beggars of global capitalism to lend us a hand in terms of jobs, support, etc.

    Bottom line is that we need to show the World how it’s done; that the West is not the crown. Real crown came from the most ancient lands, which is India.

  • India is free country, governed by the representatives, elected by the people of India.

    It comes to me as a surprise, always, why India should be a part of this distasteful organization. United Kingdom as nothing to do with India or its people or its government. What benefits do we have been there? A hard earned freedom need to be valued. Why to be in an organization which is headed by a country who developed and spread racism, looters of wealth from other countries?

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