• Just let gay people be gay India.

    Gay people will be gay if they're given rights or not. There always has been and always will be gay people, acting like it doesn't exist or persecuting it has never made it go away. Letting gay people be gay has no effect on anything else, it just results in gay people being gay.

  • Decriminalize homosexual sex in India!

    To promote individual freedom and democracy! In order for the world to become a unified civilized society, society should tolerate more individual freedoms, and it is no one else's business what others do anyway! Democracy is the cornerstone of individual rights and freedoms and no one should be discriminated against!

  • People should have a choice

    If someone is gay than let them be. How would you feel if straight sex was made illegal? That wouldn't fly too far would it, so dont do it to gay people. If they are in love and want to have consenting sex with each other who are you to say they cant

  • The law against homosexual sex came from Europe

    Not only should India do this for human rights, but it should also be highlighted that before Britain made that law it wasn't a law. By keeping the law on the books India is retaining a legacy of colonialism.

    It is nobody's business what consenting adults do in the bedroom. Even homophobic Russia recognizes this and only has laws against advocating that homosexuality is good (not that I advocate those laws but it's tamer than banning gay sex).

  • Human rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation.

    We live in the 21st century, yet in some countries it is still considered a crime for two consenting homosexual adults to have sex. Homosexuals pose no more threat to society than heterosexuals do. So why should their rights be denied, just because they don't conform to what is considered normal in society? At the end of the day, they are still humans and deserve to treated as such.

  • Indiia under Scrutiny

    The act of sexual intercourse between consenting adults is under discussion in India. With their democracy in hand and under the eyes of various human rights groups, India should act accordingly. Their courts did make the decision to decriminalise consensual same sex acts in the past. The nature of individuals seeking freedom and justice in a world of imprisonment is oppressive.


    Catching up with many other countries in the world, India should consider allowing homosexual activity without putting people in jail for it. There are other countries whose archaic laws are slowly getting with the times, and with the millions of people in India's population, the country should allow humans to behave as they wish.

  • India's values their own

    No, India should not feel pressure to decriminalize homosexual sex. India, like other countries is based on their own set of laws, practices, beliefs and practices. They must be left to make their own decision, as a country, about what moral beliefs and practices rise to the level of legal necessity.

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