• India need Red Revolution?

    All governments have failed to eradicate economic disparities
    In India. And I think no one can give similar opportunities to
    Citizens of India other than left parties. Only dictatorial government
    Can handle this diverse country by making strong rules and
    implementing them without the fear of loosing any vote bank.
    Otherwise India will have to survive with a label of developing
    Country for next 200 or 300 years.

  • f**k u indians and f**k you are gods

    f**k you f***ing asians everywhere and f**k ghandi. F**k all asian leaders especially you smelly f***ing arab ragheads and f**k you stupid ass useless white people. When our acnestors come back in human form to deal with you people woe onto you are assholes. U all will pay for the shit you idiots have put black people and africans through

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