• Strengthening its penalties for rape is the only solution

    There is nothing a victim can do even when all the hurt and suffering is on her side ,rapist enjoy raping ..They are sent to jail for few days and they certainly come out with bail ! Well? Does that really make sense? And the punishment ends there itself? Readers .. I really want to post a question here .."Do girls really have respect in the society?"
    Rape acts ruins a females outlook ,moreover people start blaming her for the evilish the act..The pain ,sufferings should definitely be justified.And that just cant happen buy keeping the rapist in jail for a few months . A strong punishment ,with all worth sufferings should be given.

  • The only way to stop the rape culture

    Is to shift the mindset of people who think they can get away with the crime. In the words of one of the rapists in the Delhi Gang Rape Case "Don't worry, nothing will happen." If there are no changes made to the justice system and the severity of punishments, the mindset of the people will never change and violence against men, women and children will continue.
    I am from India and it is ridiculous how many safety precautions a woman must take when going out and it is atrocious how many rapists can bribe their way out of going to jail or get out of the crime by blaming it on the woman. If the only way to solve the problem of rape is through harsher punitive measures then so be it.

    Posted by: edxn
  • As stronger penalties for rape

    Government should be legal death penalties for these type of people . When government can't be strongly punish them , so I think people strongly punish them .Moreover people also give that strong punishment, when men create these type of victim so they think deeply about what are they doing .

  • Give the victim the right to kill the rapist

    It would send the strongest message possible if the victim or if the victim is dead the victim's family had the right to conduct the execution. And a variety of methods should be allowed to choose from. It may sound barbaric and there is some risk of innocent people dying which should be mitigated by requiring a higher burden of proof (no doubt whatsoever rather than beyond a reasonable doubt). However, Indian society is different. India has a real problem with rape and a culture that is in some ways tolerant of rape. If India is to progress India must clamp down harshly on backwardsness. India should also adopt the death penalty for the most serious hate crimes and include protections for LGBT people along with what is already protected i.e. ethnicity race caste religion sex...

    Normally I'm anti-death penalty. Similarly normally I'm against laws even against hate speech but I support Germany and other European countries having laws against hate speech. The situation both present and history of different countries is different and so the same policies are not right for every nation.

    This is not the same as saying it's all relative and countries can choose anything and therefore its the right policy. It depends on the specific circumstances not just what the government or even the people of a country would like. And NO, I'm not saying it's OK for us to invade and force what is right on other countries just that not every policy a country adopts is automatically the right one for that country.

  • Yes, in India penalty should at least be "Death by Hanging" for rape cum murder or only rape and "Whole life Imprisonment" for attempted rape.

    With present intensity of punishment and the very long time the cases take to reach a verdict, the predators are almost fearless. If case proceeds for years, due to pressure from Politicians there is bright chance convicts manage to go scot free.

    Post 16 Dec 2012 "Nirbhaya Case" of New Delhi, Govt appointed a commission headed by late Honourable Justice Verma. They gave Recommendation for stricter laws but Public at large still felt that those Recommenadations were welcome but still not deterrent enough to instill fear in a criminal mind.

    Not surprisingly, there were a spate of Rape cases in India between January 2013 to August 2013 which included:
    - Double rape in the abandoned Shakti Mills Mumbai in July/August 2013.
    - Rape of a Swiss National in Madhya Pradesh.
    - Rape of another foreign tourist in Agra.

    FEAR IS THE ONLY KEY. Hence India must immediately strengthen its penalties for rape and attempted rape attempted rape.

  • Yes, India should strengthen its penalty for rape.

    Rape in general should have more severe repercussions in law. Many rape laws have very few repercussions and that a greater penalty should exist to prevent sexual violence. Rape is unacceptable in any culture and society and thus should be dealt with accordingly. I believe that it should incur a penalty of life imprisonment depending on the severity of the crime.

  • Most Certainly India Should Strengthen Their Penalties for Rape

    Every country in the world that does not have a clear and solid penalty for the act of rape should have one. Rape is a horrible crime against another human being, and is construed by many, to be almost as serious as murder. When raped, the dignity of the person raped is stolen, and in many instances the individual never truly recovers from the devastating effects of the rape. Rape is as an atrocious a crime as there is that can perpetrated against mankind, and India should most certainly increase the penalties, and strengthen their resolve to eliminate as much of its occurrence in their culture, as is humanly possible.

  • I think so

    For example, a man can't be charged with rape if he rapes his wife. This is ridiculous as a husband can rape his wife. This is reason enough to actually strengthen rape laws. Rape is one of the crimes out there that actually has a victim and should be stopped.

  • Stronger penalties for rape in India would help shift the rape culture and general bias against women.

    Rape is a heinously brutal crime which should absolutely not be tolerated and should be stringently punished no matter where it happens in the world. In India, however, the culture particularly values women less, and rape is not always treated as the violent crime that it is. In many cases in India, a blind eye is often turned for rape or crimes against women. This has created a rape culture, where rape is almost considered acceptable in certain situations, or the woman is blamed for the rape (for not dressing appropriately, or going out by herself, etc.). If the crime of rape were always taken seriously and the punishment was severe, it would set the tone that this is not an acceptable behavior, that rapists will face strong consequences, and that women do have rights and should expect fair treatment.

  • No. Rape shall NOT be subject to punishment or investigation ever.

    For a detailed argument, please refer to the debate that I instigated, titled "Rape Investigations and imprisonments shall be stopped for ever. Those calling for more or harsher punishment for rape are doing nothing but expressing their unjustifiable hatred. The loss from punishment of rape indefensibly outweighs the so-called "benefit" gained from punishing the raping parties.

  • Rapists need curing not killing

    My friends and I agree that:
    Not Chemical castration - this can be reversed by taking hormones
    Not Actual castration, because this takes away the one advantage women have over a man when attacked
    Therefore the nerve bundle supplying the penis should be severed rendering the penis insensitive and incapable of erection
    This is a just punishment and effective deterrant

  • NO! This will only help more rapists get away!

    Hear me out on this: India needs to CONVICT more people of rape. Right now there's a 2 per 100,000 people rape ratio of convicted rapists in India. This shows that obviously rape is extremely easy to get away with in court. A bigger penalty would do nothing but make the judge less likely to convict a rapist. What needs to happen is a less strict definition of rape and a cleaner justice system

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