• Yes, they should.

    The internet should be treated like a basic utility nowadays and everyone should have reliable access. There are schools on reservations and children are greatly aided in the learning process through the use of the internet. I think every effort should be made to get them access to a reliable connection.

  • Yes they should

    I do think that Indian Reservations should have better access to the Internet. If they choose not to take advantage of it that is up to them. I think that every area of the United States should have Internet access, with the exception of very isolated areas. This is only fair!

  • Yes, they should

    Everyone should have a way to access the Internet in a reliable way. If the reserves do not want to do what it takes to get it because it would be distraction on their land then that is a choice that they make. I feel that in this day and age everyone should have it.

  • Yes, Indian Reservations Should Have Better Access to the Internet

    The Internet is our main way of communicating information. We share knowledge, history, news and personal correspondence via the Internet. If Indian Reservations do not have quality access to the Internet, they are lacking a basic form of communication in America. In today's world it is almost imperative that a person have some sort of Internet connection accessible to them. Having Internet available through a Smart Phone, at a library or school, will allow Native Americans the same resources most other Americans already enjoy.

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