• Of course they should.

    Indian women have just the same rights as men when it comes to politics, and everything else in general. If they want to do this then let them, the real problem is that Indian women are treated unfairly in their culture. Indian men feel like they completely dominate women and that they should do whatever they want. Their way of thinking is really behind of the current times, they need to re-evaluate themselves.

  • Yes they should.

    All people should become involved in politics, even Indian woman, because every person deserves a say in how their world is run and what is going on around them. It is not right to let a person not have say just because of the race or gender, as it affects them as well as it affects anyone else.

  • they should be allowed

    Indian woman should be allowed to join politics to help get them equal rights and to be able to help the rest of society to learn how to understand them better. It will help to bring down stereotypes of how every one perceives them. We need to be able to fully understand all nationalities.

  • Women should not join in politics

    Women should not take role in politics because women is not as strong as the men who is in the politics, politics mean taking care of society & saving them where as a women doesn't .You may raise a doubt that why women can not? Its easy to say that women is sufficient for taking for taking care of there family, not the society , a society consists of many members not 40 (or)5 so, and my last conclusion is women doesn't participate in politics

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