• Yes they should be involved

    Yes, I think that the Indian youth should be and must be involved in the government. They are the future of India, and they should be an integral part of the decision making process when it comes to government affairs and business, and can all be very influential in what the government does.

  • Yes they should

    It is never to early to start working in government. I think that Indian youth should be allowed to be involved in government so that they can learn about it sooner. I think that learning about how government works early in life is a good thing and would encourage more people to become involved as adults.

  • No they should not be.

    Youth should not be included in the government as they might end up making hasty decisions which might prove to be disastrous for the country. They might have good intentions but they do not have the ability to implement their plans properly as they lack experience . We have very good examples of some Indian politicians.

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