• Yes, Indians should be deported to their country

    Despite being an Indian myself, I think Indians must be sent back to their country because Indians tend to overpopulate wherever they go and I know how difficult it is to live in an overpopulated country so I don't want others to go through the same.My argument does not support discrimination but rather throws light on the reality, so there is no point in taking it otherwise.

  • No, Indians should not be kicked out.

    Yes, I do agree that Indians are kinda over populating the country. But if we get kicked out, Canada's economy would go down because more than half of the Realtors in Canada are Indians and they boost Canada's economy by a lot. Also, if we get kicked out who is going to drive all the cabs because white people can't drive for sh*t. XD

  • That Would be Discrimination

    You cannot ban a race of people from a country, that is just like saying that gays should not have rights or that black people should not have the same rights as white people. Doing so is discrimination to Indians and would anger many people that aren't Indians. Think about the families that are Indian (3.8% of people), how would you feel if your mother and you were kicked out of the country you call your home.?

  • No, too extreme.

    There are many reasons why some Indians and indeed this applies to all immigrants, should be sent back home. However to kick out all Indians which I believe this topic implies? Is a far over the top. Canada's immigration policy lets too many immigrants in, that's the real problem. Fast growing multiculturalism will cause problems anywhere and everyone out who is already in is just asking for trouble.

    The biggest loss I believe won't be businesses because but in skilled work labour. To replace these people would be an extremely hard and lengthy process. First of all first world countries not only Canada need to do their best to ensure that all Indians who are coming to the country for unskilled menial jobs not get in and find those who are already doing so be sent home.

    Net immigration to Canada needs to decrease regardless of anything though.

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