Should India's Supreme Court have declared homosexual sex illegal?

  • India can do as it pleases

    India's supreme court can do as it pleases. Who are we to judge India for decisions its highest court has made. As with any country, if you do not like the laws that are passed, you are free to relocate to another country of your choosing. I would suggest that instead of complaining about India you focus on your own country and vote for the change you desire. If you live in India then vote or get out.

  • Extropolate or Die

    India is clearly too diverse to provide a collective consensus, especially when such an issue is concerned.
    How so?
    Being an Indian myself, it is pretty much easy to say that India was firstly never ready to accept the cost of egalitarianism with Democracy and capitalism.
    Secondly, India has a very special past with a "survivor's" mentality especially with the religiously orthodox families who associate homosexuality with "Westernization" which is blissfully ignorant of the fact that Homosexuality is a result of evolutionary changes. Orthodox families are still finding it hard to even diversify among professions other than the Engineering/Medical/Accountancy line. How are they even prepared to accept something as personal as their son/daughter/third gender/agender child to be different?

    If it is accepted, fine and dandy; However, it's premature. The public needs to have a different outlook. They need to stop having the wrong associations in their minds, and should look at not only Homosexuals but ALL human beings in a more knowledgeable sense (if not equal).
    In conclusion- People need to be educated to look objectively at this issue and only then can Article 377 be lifted. For now, the answer is no.

  • It isn't America

    This is a difficult question to answer simply because you are asking Americans to judge Indian culture and law based on American culture and values. The two are completely different in so many ways it is almost impossible to explain them all.
    What it comes down to is this: Indian culture frowns upon homosexuality. It is their right to do so. Just because we have come to accept it here in America does not mean they should do so. It is like asking an American to not eat beef simply because Indians don't. They cannot understand why we eat beef and we cannot understand why they cannot accept homosexuality. That is simply because of our cultural differences.

  • India's Supreme Court should not declare homosexual sex illegal

    India's Supreme Court should not have declared homosexual sex illegal. What happens in the bedroom between two consenting adults is no business of the government and should not even be a concern in a country which cannot seem to keep its population from subjecting women to the most horrifying abuse. These government officials should be more concerned about changing the attitudes of the men in their country who seem to think it is okay to violate women in the most horrid fashion and the thought which prevails of men as the superior gender.

  • Because clearly, India's population isn't high enough already.

    How many reasons can I come up with that this ruling is absolute garbage?

    1. Sooner or later India may surpass China with their population. By this point you practically need all the gay sex you can get.

    2. Trying to legislate law on how people engage in sex is downright petty.

    3. Politicians are the most immoral, disgusting, and loathsome people in the world and they're in
    no place to employ a moral standard on people when it's based around something that's petty and harmless.

    4. Who are we kidding, these politicians are probably going to be the ones hiring most of the male prostitutes anyway.

    5. Weren't you guys oppressed by the British? Gee, it's a shame these politicians weren't born in such a time, otherwise they might have learned a thing or two about concepts like freedom and compassion.

    6. Come on guys, is this seriously what you're worried about? Gay people? People that waste their time on trying to control how people have sex don't deserve any mercy, least of all to even breathe the same air as me. If you want to fix actual problems we don't need to worry about gay people, we need to worry about corrupt politicians that waste our time with this garbage, and we need to ban them from engaging in sexual acts. Because unlike gay people, the sexual acts these useless imbeciles engage in is actually harmful to society - we cannot allow them to breed and have offspring. This is not a matter of subjective morality, this is a matter of social responsibility.

    7. If more people engaged in gay sex we'd have less politicians like this being born. Enough said.

  • Nothing done by consenting adults should be illegal.

    Every adult should be able to live their life as they wish as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. You can't legislator morality. Homosexuality is a NORMAL part of the sexual tapestry. This is proven by the fact that homosexual behavior appears in other life forms in the same percentages as in humans.

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