Should indigenous peoples be treated differently under the law?

Asked by: ArgentStorm
  • We have seen colonising peoples oppress native populations time and time again throughout history.

    The Mongols in central Asia, the Portuguese and Spanish in South America, the Belgians and French in Africa, the Dutch in the Far East: they all imposed their laws on indigenous people; often killing those who resisted their brutal rule. Today, many of these peoples still live under the yoke of tyranny and oppression and they ought to have their right to self-determination restored.

    We know that this is possible because the people of Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, The United States of America, Malaysia and many other former British colonies today enjoy almost the same level of rights and freedoms as British people do themselves.

  • Indeginuous debate HELP!

    They should be treated equally, always, why s healthcare been proven NOT equal in funding? Mental health workers, addiction, physcologists
    Preparation for work....Relocation of factories on our founders land.....WHY are Syrians allowed into our land when we have such great suffering with our founding fathers. Prime Minister Trudeau let's help our people not Asyrians!

  • All peoples of any nation should have the SAME rights.

    Arguing for the different treatment of indigenous people is just a different type of discrimination- whether that differential treatment is against them or in their favor. It is not justice to excuse indigenous people from the same strictures of the law just because their ancestors may have been oppressed. Equality should be the goal, not oppression OR special treatment.

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