Should individuals convicted of corporate crimes be punished, determined by the types of corporate crime commited?

  • Yes They Should

    Common criminals are punished based on their crime, therefore corporate crimes should be punished in the same way. These people seem to get off due to their place in the world and the vast sums of money they can use to hire lawyers. This is unfair to the population that doesn't have these safe guards.

  • Crime is Crime

    Corporate crimes are often committed in today's dog eat dog economy. Enterprising individuals let greed cloud their judgements and they begin to commit crimes on the corporate level. We need to prosecute based on how severe these crimes were for the company and the general public as a whole. Laws must be made to determine these distinctions.

  • Yes, I think individuals convicted of corporate crime should be punished according to the type of crime committed.

    I think that corporate crime in general can include a wide variety of areas and punishments for these crimes should differ by the severity of the crimes, I think the more a corporate crime negatively effects people in terms of size and amount then the punishment should be more severe compared to a crime that is only for beneficial gain and doesn't harm others.

  • Yes, individuals guilty of corporate crimes should be punished according to the crime.

    I definitely think that when somebody is convicted of a corporate crime, they should be punished according to the severity of the crime and law. Everybody who commits a crime should have to pay for it in the justic system. People who commit corporate crimes are no different than other criminals.

  • No, corporate crime should be punished no differently than other crimes.

    No, individuals convicted of corporate crimes should not be punished differently than those convicted of other crimes. However, since People's United determined that corporations are legally individuals themselves, perhaps the corporations (and not the people who run them) should be punished when corporate crimes are committed. After all, if corporations have individual rights, they should also have individual responsibilities.

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