• Yes, individuals should have a greater obligation to themselves.

    I think that individuals should have a greater obligation to themselves than their communities. That doesn't mean however that individuals should not try to do what they can to make their community and society better. I just think people should first be able to take care of themselves before others.

  • Individuals have a greater obligation to themselves than the community.

    An individual has a greater obligation to themselves than the community. One should not need to constantly worry about the well being of others. A person has ultimate control of one thing; themselves. A person should worry about their own well being, and then as a secondary worry about the community they live in. Most people already do this anyway, it is the natural order of things.

  • Being selfish is good

    Our society loves to look down on those who are selfish. Individual acting selfish has improved of society for generations. An individual who only cares for himself and his happiness is pushed to please others in order to get what he wants. When a businessman wants to make more money, he must create a business or product that people will want to give him money to have. The more people who are selfish the better the standard of living we all enjoy.

  • People need to reach out to their communities.

    While each of us is responsible for creating a viable lifestyle which does not depend on government handouts, more is required. Community is the glue of cohesiveness in life. Without community we become a single candle in the night. We must all reach out and ensure that the community is a place of comfort and sharing in times of both need or bounty.

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