• Yes they should.

    Our forefathers granted us the right to bear arms and they cared about it so much they made it part of the constitution. In a perfect world no one would have a weapon, but this is not a perfect world and unless you have that right taken away (such as being a felon) you should be allowed to have a weapon.

  • There is an innate right to bear arms

    Bearing arms is an inalienable right. There are many dangerous objects in existence that are capable of quickly taking life. Weapons are not unique in this regard. What makes a weapon unique is that it's primary purpose is to inflict harm - for defense or assault. Following this logic, those who would bear arms for the purpose of defense would never need them if others were unarmed. However, those who would use arms for assault would find themselves unopposed if others were not armed. Therefore, the only sensible and reasonable policy is to allow all individuals to bear arms. The armed public would, in and of itself, be a better deterrent to the use of weapons than their legal restriction.

  • No they should not.

    First of all the gun market and gun control with always be a slippery slope, once you allow some civilians guns they will inevitably fall into the hands of the mentally unstable and criminals. Furthermore, we have no use for guns in today's society. We live in a civilized country were simply adding more murder weapons to protect our people would be absurd. Our protection should be left to the hands of our police and forces, army, FBI and other government services. While the affirmative may argue those services are who we need to protect ourselves, I bring forth the following question: How would being armed protect us? Should one have the liberty of pulling out a gun and killing someone when they feel an injustice is occurring? We live in a civilized country where we have and always will deal with our problems through democracy and order, not violence.

  • "Right" is out of the question

    Whether or not Americans have the right to own firearms is irrelevant. What matters is how you intend to use a gun if you own one. The right to bear arms is not so much an innate right as self-defense is. Personally, I think owning a firearm should be more of a privilege.

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Zebdemption says2015-03-11T19:11:38.437
Anyone else noticed a direct link between quality of answer and vote?