Should individuals posting on message boards be required to reveal their true identities?

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  • No, revealing your true identity on a messsage board is too risky.

    I think anything you post on a message board should be anonymous. Even though people tend to be braver about what they post anonymously, it is safer. You have no way of knowing the mental stability of others who are posting. There is always the chance that someone who is a little unstable will be upset by a particular posting and seek to harm or get even with the author of the post.

  • Individuals posting on message boards should not be required to reveal their true identities.

    People who post things on Internet message boards should not have to reveal their true identities. There should be anonymity on the Internet. People will not always be honest if they are required to sign their name to something. Forums can be more interesting if people do not have to identify themselves.

  • That's not the point

    People constantly deride the anonymity of online message boards and chats in general, and, while there are most definitely downsides and horrible things that can happen because of them, there are pluses. Anonymity allows people who are socially awkward or timid to have their voices heard, and allows people to say their true feelings on issues.

  • No. I do not believe individuals posting on message boards should be required to reveal their true identities.

    No. I do not believe individuals posting on message boards should be required to reveal their true identities, because there is no legitimate reason for that rule. Unless there is illegal activity, but people are already tracked my websites, and the government by their IP address. So that is not an issue.

  • It is a major part of what makes the Internet work

    That veil of anonymity is what allows people to explore ideas and taboo topics without having to worry about being publicly censured. I feel that it's an important enough thing to protect because it could easily be abused to crack down on political dissent and expose those in delicate situations to dangers. Take, for example, a homosexual teenager from a family that would reject him if they found out about his sexual orientation. If he had to use his real identity, he might never find a support network on the Internet or find out that there is a name for what is going on with him. What about political dissidents in countries like North Korea? What about those relaying information to the outside world during revolutions? What about religious minorities in countries or homes where they risk their safety to keep that religious persuasion? It is a medium that allows people to explore different ideas without being subjected to abuse and ridicule, to communicate certain realities that may not be as palatable as those in charge would like to see communicated.

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