• Privacy is important

    I don't want my privacy to be distroied for the developement of society. Individual rights should be considered by the government when they accept laws. The reason being is that many of these security measures actually erode individual security and give you less privacy. Aside from that, there's the extreme paranoia of people.

  • Our Rights Matter

    I think that individuals rights matter a slight bit more the the security because without rights people would protest a lot just like they did when they didn't already have the rights that they deserved, therefore the less protesting the less security would have to do versus them shooting people who just want the rights they feel are needed for them to live a great life!

  • God -> Man -> Government -> Corporations

    Man answers to God; governments answer to Man; and corporations answer to governments. Our corporate governments are trying to overturn the order of creation using fraud and fear (terror). Yes, we should go after the terrorists, but recognize exactly who is doing the terrorizing. Track down the mongers of fear and fraud.

  • Individual rights are the foundation of liberty

    The core elements of the constitution are about personal rights and freedoms- America is founded on the concept of freedom from oppression, and England was characterized as an oppressive government justifying rebellion. Of the major non-democratic (such as communist and dictatorships) countries, their most oppressive times seem marked by putting security as priority over freedoms. If the US were to do this, it's own people would have justification to overthrow the government according to the very Declaration of Independence we hold so central to why we fight- it is ingrained in American society that we fight for freedom, not security. The Statue of Liberty would be a relic- a symbol of something America once, were this change in ethos to take place. America stands on the premise of freedom over security- loose this, and we loose America.

  • Theres Is No Need for Security If We Have No Nation.

    "Give me Liberty or give me death", we have all heard this phrase in own way or another.If we give up our liberties, our rights what is the purpose of fighting and protecting our country.If we give up our freedoms what is the purpose of fighting for them?In my belief, if my country is not free to prtects its rights it is not free to protects anything.

  • Yes it should

    Individual rights are the most important aspect for any nation. If the individual doesn't have their rights, there really is no group security. The reason being is that many of these security measures actually erode individual security and give you less privacy. Aside from that, there's the extreme paranoia of people.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe an individuals rights should take precedence over the nations security. The United States government has become far to invasive all in the name of security with zero proof that they are actually stopping anything. Citizens should not be railroaded by their government and businesses shouldn't have to worry about losing business because the government makes bad decisions.

  • No, the nations's security should come first.

    There has been a lot of talk about the NSA spying on people and most of that talk comes from individuals that have nothing interesting to be spied on about. But when it comes to national security and the government checking who is frequently logging on to websites that teach how to make bombs then it is necessary.

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