Should individuals who receive food assistance be allowed to buy "luxury" items like steak and junk food?

  • Food stamps to buy food

    Yes they should be able to buy those items. It's their foodstamps so they shoyld be able to buy whatever food items they please. I feel its ridiculous to say what people can and cannot buy. Insane. Unnecessary. Petty. It's not like they are getting alot of foodstamps to begin with, now you want to regulate what they buy? Last time I checked this wasnt WIC. LOL.

  • Of course. They are people who can make their own decisions.

    If the government is going to give people food stamps, then they should be able to spend them however they want. It doesn't even make sense to restrict the items that people can buy with food stamps, because they receive it based on their income. If a person spends her food stamps unwisely, it doesn't have any effect on the taxpayer; it only affects her. Let people make their own decisions.

  • Those on food assistance should be limited to what they can buy.

    I believe that anyone on food assistance should have their choices limited to items which are nutritional and inexpensive. If a person is allowed to buy items such as junk food, they are unlikely to have enough money left to buy the items which are essential to feed themselves and their families properly.

  • Honestly, it's simpler.

    The funny thing is, Republicans always decry red tape and regulations. Yet often they are the ones that advocate for cherry picking foods that they think those on assistance shouldn't be able to get. It's more fair to say that you get a certain amount and if you waste it, tough. The only thing the restrictions do is make it more expensive for both the government and the grocer to check the items properly. And that makes it cost more for everybody.

  • What a great idea.

    I really don't see what the problem with this is. Food stamps are meant to be a necessity. You apply for food stamps when you are worried about whether or not your family is going to starve. I agree partially with what another anonymous poster stated in that a more cost effective option for the state would be to further limit the dollar amount and just say "when it's gone it's gone." $1000 a month is an insane amount of assistance to be getting for just food. A family of 5 can easily survive off of $300 a month. They definitely wouldn't be able to eat steak every night or go to restaurants often, but they could certainly have enough groceries to eat comfortably if they shopped wisely.

  • Food Stamp Recipients to Be Banned from Buying These 6 Food Items

    Missouri State Representative Rick Brattin has sponsored a bill to limit what recipients may purchase with their electronic benefit transfer cards. Brattin says this is an issue the state must address sooner rather than later, explaining that he himself would receive $1,000 monthly if his family qualified for the program.
    Brattin says many families are receiving more money than they need, leading to extravagant and unnecessary purchases.

  • Really? Is this Reality?

    Tell me what again are food stamps for? Are they are the lower income people to be able to afford food that they need to survive or is it for steaks and lobster. This is to help you survive and help you live. But so many times I have seen those people abuse the system and buy luxury items using taxpayer dollars.

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