• A big problem

    Yes, I do think that individuals should worry about cheating in their relationships, because this is a major problem if you love someone, and they are going behind your back and having sex with someone else. You need to know that you can leave them and find some one new.

  • Yes,individuals should worry about cheating in a relationship.

    Yes,individuals should worry about cheating in a relationship.Although it would be nice to think that that every partner is trustworthy this is really not the truth.Some people,especially men feel that they haveto roam so their partners are obliged to keep an eye on them at all times when they are out on the town.

  • Keep Each Other Happy!

    In any relationship, it is important to have open lines of communication And it is also equally important to keep each other happy. As I've gotten older, I have learned that, while cheating is wrong, I totally understand it from the cheaters' point of view. If all is not happy at the home stead, then cheating is a way to bring oneself pleasure. It isn't debatable if it's right or wrong. That isn't the question. It is about worrying about cheating. I think there needs to be a certain amount of worry.

  • This is life - move on.

    Not to sound harsh, but no one should have to put up with the affairs of their cheating partner. Cheating is a major sign of dissatisfaction in a relationship - if one is satisfied with their partner, then it is reasonable to assume that cheating will not occur.

    On the contrary, marriage counseling and other forms of "relationship healing" are available - however, studies suggest that a cheating partner is very likely to cheat in the near future, hence creating a burden for all involved in the relationship. Why worry about cheating then? Cheating is an individual decision made out of desperation and greed - if a partner doesn't respect his / her significant other, what use is there trying to preserve the relationship? There are plenty of fishes out in the ocean - there is no point trying to prevent one from jumping off your boat and swimming back into the depths of the ocean.

  • Depends. . .

    If you are in the start of the relationship where you are still getting to know and learning to trust your partner, yes you would worry about cheating. But surely after engagement and marriage, you and your partner should be able to trust each other and know that you are both faithful and loyal to one another. Men and women in a relationship shouldn't give their partner any reason to fear or worry about cheating, this can mean that the woman in the relationship would wear less revealing clothes to stop the man from fearing. You are to work together in a relationship to make it work. Suspicion usually leads to arguments, distrust and can ultimately break a relationship.

  • If You dont trust them, dont date them

    Unless you have legitimate reason to doubt your significant other, there is no way you should just worry about your partner cheating, if the worry/doubt is there then you must look at how much trust you have in your relationship. One of the most important things in a relationship is trust, and if you're worrying about your partner cheating when you have nothing to suggest that they're cheating in any way then you clearly have a problem of trust in you relationship and that's what you should be spending your time worrying/doing something about rather then whether they're cheating or not.

  • No, people should not worry about cheating in relatinships.

    A person should not get into a relationship where they can't trust the other person. If you get into a relationship and have doubts about your partner and their faithfulness it causes a general discontent within the relationship, that cannot be over come. A trusting, respectful relationship is by far more healthy than one without trust.

  • Should Have Trust

    I believe one of the most important things to foster in a relationship is trust. I do not believe individuals should worry about cheating in relationships because if it is a true concern then that is a huge sign that the relationship lacks trust and its probably not worth pursuing in the first place.

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