Should indoor air pollution regulations be enforced in private homes with young children?

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  • No, air pollution regulations should not be enforced in private homes.

    I do not believe that it would be right for the government to enforce indoor air pollution regulations in private homes even with young children. I think that it would be a breach of freedom to tell somebody how they should regulate the air quality in their own homes. I think though there should be cases where some household are investigated if there is a case of child abuse.

  • We have enough protections in place.

    Its either a health violation,or it isn't. I don't see the argument that more enforced regulations would be of any benefit. There are already health laws in place that are designed to meet minimum standards, where are these failing to protect young children and address it, where does this desire to regulate stem from.

  • Stay out of our homes.

    No, indoor air pollution regulations should not be enforced in private homes with young children, because the government should not be inspecting our homes. The government can leave parenting to the parents. If air pollution is a problem, the parents will monitor. If the child is being exposed to asbestos, social services can step in.

  • We cannot invade private homes.

    I disagree with enforcing regulations in private homes, regardless of the reasons. I think this would open the door for a lot more rules and regulations aimed at our homes until we had no privacy left at all, and no rights left either. There's been enough media coverage that parents should have enough sense not to smoke around their children.

  • No It Shouldn't

    No offense but I don't want the government accessing my private property to make sure my indoor air is free of pollution just because I have a child. This position screams big government and big brother and it screams overbearing government in my opinion. I don't want anyone in my house from the government, for anything. If the pollution in my house is bad, it must be bad outside too. Have the government fix that instead requiring access to my personal property.

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