Should infants be screened as newborns for congenital defects?

  • Yes, infants should be screened as newborns for congenital defects.

    21 years ago my son was born with a very rare disorder. He did not pass his first stool and almost died from it backing up into his intestines. The doctors refused to do the test and biopsy until he was five months old and nearly died. If he had been tested at birth, he would have been saved a lot of pain and surgeries.

  • They already do.

    If you ever had been pregnant you would know that they already check the mother and baby. The doctor will let the parents know if something is wrong asap. There are more tests than just the normal if you request them, however, usually the doctor will suggest more tests if he suspects that something could be wrong.

  • I do believe they should

    Infants in my opinion should be screened before birth for defects. This would allow the parents to be able to make some decisions. Do they want to have this baby, or would abortion be the best option for them and the child. Should they accept the child and prepare for their new lifestyle that the child will bring, or should they attempt to rectify the childs disorder through medical means before it's to late.

  • Babies Should Be Screened For Health Reasons.

    All babies deserve the right to a happy and healthy life. The first thing we can do for them is provide their parents with the information they need to best take care of their child whether it's because the child does have a congenital defect or if they are a healthy baby.

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