Should information regarding cults be information available to everyone?

  • Cults and Safety

    Information regarding cults should be available to everyone for the purpose of safety. If a cult targets a particular group of people, they should have access to resources informing them of possible threats. This resource should be extended to everyone in an effort to make dangerous cults known, and to curb their violence.

  • Secrecy grows cults

    Cults grow and get out of hand when the people who are lured in don't have enough information to know any better. If information about them was limited, cults would still form by word of mouth, but fewer people would be able to free themselves once they got caught up in them. If someone you loved was involved in cult activity, you would want to be able to tell they're in danger and be able to try to help them.

  • Yes, the public should be made aware of cults

    The public should absolutely be given information regarding cults. Cults prey on vulnerable populations and therefore it is in the best interest of the American public to be aware of new cults that have arisen, the known members of the cult and especially the modus operandi that the cult is using to attract new members. This information will ensure they have a fighting chance to defend themselves against the cult.

  • Cult information should not be available

    Even if we demanded the information about organizations like this the worse types of them would only lie. The leaders are already lying to hundreds if not thousands of people. They would present themselves like a legitimate organization and continue whatever heinous acctivities are happening behind closed doors. There followers would continue to follow and anyone who spoke out could be in grave danger as they alreay are.

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