Should information technology be a compulsory subjects at school?

Asked by: julia131
  • The digital divide needs to be narrowed.

    Because of various factors (most significantly the socioeconomic status of the parents), some kids don't get as much chance to learn ICT that others. This is perpetrating an inequality in society as information literacy has become increasingly important in the workplace. There is little that one can do can advance in life if there are people with much better access to information, much greater ability to process and present information than him/her, in the information age.

  • Yes, of course yes

    Because information technology can make students more interest in learning, and students can also get more knowledge. IT is also very important for our future, if we don't know anything about IT, we will hard to when the get work in the company or etc. Information technology is very important.

  • Not everyone ca afford one

    Technological devices are very expensive and a lot of family's cannot afford them so then what is the point of learning about and how to use them if you will never use this information? Personally I wish they were compulsory because I can afford them but what about those who can"t

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