• Inheritances should be fair.

    Wills provide an unfortunate opportunity for favoritism. All of the deceased's relatives and loved ones should be entitled to a fair and equal inheritance. All inheritances should have to be unconditional. The wishes of criminals should not be complied with. Their possessions should automatically revert to the government. It would mean lower taxes.

  • Yes, they should.

    Inheritance laws should definitely be reformed. There are too many factors when it comes to inheritances, and there are too many ways "iron clad" wills can be picked apart and voided. It really is ridiculous when it happens. I've personally witnessed one of these pathetic debacles personally within my own family.

  • There are too many taxes.

    Yes, inheritance laws should be reformed, because people have to pay far too many taxes as it is that eats away way too much of our inheritance. People who receive the inheritance will be more likely to spend it if they can keep more of it, and that will help the economy more in the long run.

  • Inheritance Laws Reformed

    I personally think that inheritance laws should be reformed because of equal rights and how it could affect many people as well as many families. I personally think that inheritance laws should be reformed because of the Integrate Cultural Understanding. I personally think that inheritance laws play an important part in people's lives.

  • Inheratance laws should be Changed

    Inheritance laws should be changed to better help the familiy members receiving the money. It would also make the dying family members more happy knowing their money is going where they want it to go. The government already takes way to much of peoples money through onerous tax laws and regulations.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe we have created far too many taxes and it would be best to confine the point of taxation. With this, I believe it would be best to reform inheritance laws because there is no reason to re-tax these funds, in my opinion. In doing so, there is yet another layer of taxation across the same amounts of monies, simply because they are changing hands, which doesn't bode well with those who saved to pass it on to their children.

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